6 Tips for Flannel Fabric Clothing Care

6 Tips for Flannel Fabric Clothing Care

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Winter mornings can’t be cozy without a cup of hot coffee and soft flannel clothes. Flannel fabric is getting attention because of its premium quality and easy maintenance. Wearing a flannel all day long keeps you warm, but have you ever thought about its maintenance? 

We know, you must be thinking, why is extra care needed? Taking proper care of flannel increases their durability, and you can wear them for several years.

Wish to know about the exact care guide? 

Let’s get started. 

Tips for Flannel Care 

Here are the easy hacks to take care of flannel wear; let’s go ahead and get to know about them.

Washing Guide for Flannels

Washing Guide for Flannels

Due to casual use, flannel may get dirty and lose its cozy appeal. Here are a few easy washing hacks to make them clean. 

  • Use a mild detergent free from chlorine and phosphate; it will maintain softness and easily clean dirt. Also, please stop using harsh chemicals. They create a thin layer on the fabric and kill its softness. Eventually, the strong cleaner will make the fabric stiff and rough.
  • Cotton-based flannel can be washed in the machine; make sure the water is warm. Go for a mild wash that does not give heavy stress to the fabric. Woolen ones can be hand washed. Add a few drops of vinegar to the water to see the magic!

Soak the flannel in soapy water for an hour and wash it under running water. Woolen Lite is popularly used for this purpose. Please take out the excess water and make them dry in the sunlight. Don’t think about dry cleaning; it is like the murder of woolen flannels. Instead, hand wash your woolen flannels and use hangers or dry racks to make them dry. 

Drying guide 

Flannel can be easily dried with a dryer. As the cotton-based material tends to shrink after washing, please don’t put them on high heat. Keep the heat medium or air dry. Women Flannel Dixxon can get back its shine with proper drying. Keep them on medium heat or squeeze the excess water and air dry.

We will not recommend you to put the woolen shirt in the dryer. It may shorten the lifespan of the material. Instead, lay them flat under the sun and wait until it is almost dry. 

Ironing guide 

Flannel requires proper ironing to hold its shine. The cotton base fabric needs medium heat to banish the crease. Set the iron in cotton setting mode to remove the wrinkle and offer the optimum heat to make your oversized flannels ready to wear. 

Women’s Dixxon wool needs extra care while ironing. Pay attention and set your iron into woolen setting mode. Place a thin layer of cloth on it and slowly press it to turn it back and press the wrong side first to revive its coziness. 

Pro Tip #

Wherever you buy flannel, make sure you read the care guide to find the best way to maintain it. Stay informed about the temperature of the water, detergent, and drying guide. Try to maintain the right heat for washing, drying, and ironing. Taking care of material will increase its durability and save money in the long run. 

Wrapping up 

Flannel clothing can be your best friend during winter. Depending on the temperature, invest in woolen and cotton-based wear that provides maximum comfort and utmost designs. 

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