How to Source French Country Fabric Online from Fashinza?

How to Source French Country Fabric Online from Fashinza?

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Sourcing French country fabric for your clothing line can be a difficult task, with so many manufacturers claiming to be moving towards sustainability. It can lead to a certain amount of confusion and lack of trust. But, on the brighter side, there are a lot of options to choose from, and this enables you to choose the one that is the best fit for your business. 

Today, there are tons of online sourcing options for French country fabric. One of the best sourcing help that you can get is through Fashinza. But how do you get help from the said website? Let us discuss below to help you understand things a little better!

What Is Fashinza?

Fashinza is a team of individuals who are bound together by their love for technology and sustainability. They cater to the B2B apparel manufacturing needs and keep bringing something new to the fashion world with their unique and progressive ideas. They aim at providing end-to-end supply aid, right from designing to delivery. The platform has a unique digitalised supply chain that helps you keep track of each manufacturing process. Recently, to grow the brand, the company has expanded services to New York and has partnered with brands like Forever 21, Nykaa, The Souled Store, and Uptownie to help them with their manufacturing needs. 

Things to Consider Before Starting the Sourcing Process

If you want a French country fabric supplier, you must understand that there are a few things that you need to be sure of. Here are some of these things. 

  • Requirements: It is pretty essential to understand what your brand wants when you are looking for a supplier. Only then can you understand which supplier can help you get the best French country fabric. 
  • The Customers: Identifying the people investing in the clothes is a key step in manufacturing clothes. It helps you get a grasp of the bulk in which the fabrics and clothes need to be manufactured. Doing some research will help them understand the taste of customers and the type of designs they should go for. 
  • Niche: When you think about investing in any manufacturer, the first thing you need to decode is the niche. The gender you are going for is one that you can consider mentioning as it helps with better production. What kind of clothes are you looking for - loungewear, party wear, daily wear, or athleisure? 
  • Do Some Research: When going for a manufacturer, it becomes essential to research. The more you research, the more you understand your brand. This allows you to take a systematic approach towards which manufacturer you need to go for because you know which one works well for your brand. 

Things to Look for in a Fabric Supplier

When you are looking for suppliers, here are a few tips to help you understand if the supplier actually does meet your French country fabric supplying expectations. 

Things to Look for in a Fabric Supplier
  • Communication Is Key

When going for a manufacturer, transparency is key. Before starting to work together, be sure to ask them questions that you may be confused about and get every doubt sorted. Understand whether the supplier you are investing in follows the same amount of transparency that you expect. When you are sure about this, make sure that the manufacturing process itself is transparent so that you do not need to experience stress regarding tracking. 

  • Demos Are Essential

Before going for a big investment, you have to know if the quality of the clothes is good or not. To make sure that the quality meets your expectations, try to get hold of demos. They can help you understand the type of quality you will see when you start working with the supplier. When requesting demos, make sure to know the price for sending demos, the time it will take to reach you, and the number of demos they are ready to share with you. 

  • Budget

When you go for an effective supply chain that follows all your requirements, the budget becomes an essential thing to consider. Most of the time, when going for good suppliers, expenses tend to spike. A few things that can help you understand if the supplier works for you are knowing if they have a minimum order quantity, if they have sales tax or not, the types of fabrics they have, and their use of technology. It is essential to understand if the supplier fits into your budget or not. 

  • Reviews and Testimonials 

Even if you are satisfied with the way things look, it is always better to see the reviews of the previous clients the suppliers have worked with. It can throw light on things that you may not have considered while looking for a supplier. It can help you see if any of them have had any bad experiences. If not, it can help you understand what kind of experience they have had and if it works for you. 

How to Source with the Help of Fashinza?

As a brand, you need to follow a few simple steps to get in touch with the team at Fashinza. 

  • Visit the Fashinza website. 
  • Click on the bar in the right top corner, where a drop-down menu will appear. 
  • Select the ‘Get Started’ tab and choose the ‘As Brand’ option.
  • You will be led to a page where you will be required to fill in some necessary information like name, phone number, and such. 

The team reverts back within 24 hours of you sending this information to them. The easy-to-use platform also has a diverse catalogue that helps brands understand their niche better. Catering to brands with different niches, the company understands the need to keep up with trends. So, the catalogue helps you go through designs in categories like ethnic wear, bedsheet, winter wear, loungewear, activewear, and home decor. The catalogue is divided into different categories for easy navigation and to help reduce production lead time. 

Why Choose Fashinza?

At the core, Fashinza has a few core beliefs that make it stand out from the other sourcing websites out there. Here are some things that the brand follows that make things easier for the brand’s clients. 

  • Unity

Fashinza believes in the power of unity. The team at this company runs on the same principle! The team works together to create the perfect material for brands across the globe. 

  • Sustainability

A sustainable supply chain improves productivity and saves money while doing the same. Fashinza understands that sustainability runs far more than aiming at a greener environment. The company encourages customers and clients to move towards more organic materials. 

  • Technology

Fashinza uses the power of technology as it recognises that it has had an enormous impact on the fashion industry as a whole. With technology taking the front seat, the manufacturing process has become easier than ever before and allows for more sustainable clothes. There are more automated apparel machines, and there is software for the maintenance of machinery as well. 

Things to Look for in a Fabric Supplier
  • Customer Is the King

Customers and clients are the first priority for Fashinza. Above all, the brand aims at satisfying the needs of the customers and helping them meet their requirements. Making each process easy for customers is what Fashinza aims at. 

  • Innovation

Innovation is what drives the fashion industry. So it comes as no surprise that Fashinza aims at bringing out the most innovative side in your brand and helping you create trendy clothing that is individualistic to your company. 

  • Transparency

When working with Fashinza, you can track the manufacturing process at any time of the day. This way, you know what is happening, and it can reduce the anxiety that comes with unclear processes. 

  • Trust and Respect

Working with Fashinza can only leave you satisfied as the brand follows the principles of trust and respect. Without trust, it becomes pretty difficult to work with any supply chain there is. The brand understands this better than anything else, and that is why they keep things transparent and respect each brand’s policies. 


Trusting any online platform can be a little intimidating, especially for the first time. But with the turn of time and significant advancements in technology, online platforms are gaining more attraction than ever before. For your French country fabric requirement, Fashinza is one of the best options out there!Want to join the Fashinza team? Get started today!


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