10 Mistakes You Make All The Time While Purchasing Dress Mannequin (And How To Avoid Them!)
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10 Mistakes You Make All The Time While Purchasing Dress Mannequin (And How To Avoid Them!)

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Things that appeal... happen to seal the deal. 

This phrase stands true for visual merchandising and its role in the retail industry

If you are in the retail business, be it footwear, apparel, jewelry, or any other shop that involves wearable commodities, you know the importance of displaying your products correctly. Until and unless your shop's window display attracts the passerby, it is hard to make a mark in their minds.  

It is where the term visual merchandising comes into play. It allows your customers to imagine themselves wearing your products while tempting them to buy that stuff. 

In light of this scenario, mannequins hold a unique place in the world of window displays while making your visual merchandising plan a success. 

When it comes to choosing dress mannequins, you have many options in your kitty. Therefore, the challenge is to find the right set of display models to showcase your merchandise. 

And, it is the forte where most business owners tend to make some mistakes. However, you can avoid those errors without much hassle. All you need is a plan.

So, let us have a look at some common mistakes people are likely to make when purchasing dress mannequins and how you keep those at bay. Read on!

Mistake #1 Not having a clear intention

As there are varieties of dress mannequins available in the market, you should know what you want to do with them. Moreover, make sure to buy the display models according to your products and display needs. 

For example, if you own a fashion line, full-body display models make the right choice instead of mannequins available as stand-alone parts appropriate for jewelry shops. 

So, the bottom line is to find models that suit your business's display needs.

Avoid making mistakes while buying Dress Mannequins

Mistake #2 Not considering your brand's image

Your brand image is an amalgamation of all the aspects involving your store, no matter how big or small. And the decor of your store, along with the mannequins (vital visual merchandising tools), should communicate the story of your brand. 

So, choose wisely and be particular about the shapes, types, colors, materials, and postures of the display models you use to showcase your brand elements well. 

An attractive presentation might also mean - your customers coming back.

Mistake #3 Not considering customer demographics

Your prospective customers should identify themselves with your dress mannequins. When a customer walks into your shop or passes by the display window, they happen to picture themselves adorning your products. 

Will they look as cool and glamorous as the mannequin? Will the dress or footwear look good on them? Your display models should address their concerns the very moment they enter your store. If you fail to do that, you are most likely to turn off your customers.

For example, if you deal with activewear or sportswear, your mannequins should present the same. If you run a children's clothing line, your dress mannequins should relate to kids' apparel. 

Always remember, in the world of visual merchandising, appearance is king.

Mistake #4 Choosing different styles of mannequins

When it comes to displaying your merchandise using dress mannequins, you cannot afford to forget about consistency. Here, consistency refers to using the same type of mannequins to showcase your product line. 

Doing it otherwise might make your display window look messy and visually unappealing. 

And the after-effects, you already know, include unhappy customers.

Mistake# 5 Not going uniform with colors

Color is a vital element when selecting the appropriate dress mannequins for your store. And so is the uniformity of colors. However, many shops tend to buy a diverse range of colors to make their products stand out. 

Although a dash of vibrant colors may attract customers, the approach might not work all the time. Therefore, color balance is crucial.

For example, making a white-colored mannequin stand against a white background may fade in the plain backdrop.

Mistake #6 Having too many mannequins

Make sure to consider the space available at your showroom. Some stores use too many dress mannequins at their facility to grab the attention of their customers. However, this approach may end up making your store cluttered. 

What you should do is, position your mannequins strategically to attract more and more customers.

Mistake #7 Not considering the correct materials

Display mannequins are available in different materials, including plastic, fiberglass, metal, resin, and wood. Make sure to choose the one in which your products will look the best and appealing.

Pro-tip! One of the best materials you should go for is fiberglass. It is durable, light-weight, sturdy, and also looks good. 

Mistake #8 Not seeking professional help

Many businesses do not know the most suitable type of dress mannequin for their product line. As you will find a plethora of display models in the market, you might find it hard to decide which one would go with your merchandise. 

In such cases, you should feel free to seek professional help.

Seek professional help while buying Dress Mannequins

Mistake #9 Not choosing the right size

It is especially worth it for stores that sell plus-size clothing. If you are into retailing plus-size clothes, make sure to get some plus-size mannequins. 

If you make regular-sized display models wear plus-size outfits, they will look clumsy. Most importantly, it will not appeal to the people who are on the plumper side. 

Mistake #10 Buying defective mannequins and using them as it is

Some shops, to save some money, buy second-hand mannequins. Well, there is no harm in it. However, make sure not to purchase defective pieces. And even if you buy them, make sure to conceal the flaws using appropriate props before displaying them.

For example, you can hide a crack on the mannequin's face by making art or using a stylish mask.

To conclude

These are the most prevalent mistakes that you are likely to make while purchasing dress mannequins. Hopefully, the tips on how you can avoid them will help you. If you need professional help, get in touch with the team of fashion experts of Fashinza, a partner you can trust.


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