5 Chunky Sneakers That Can Set Headlines
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5 Chunky Sneakers That Can Set Headlines

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Nothing speaks comfort like a good pair of chunky sneakers. But when it comes to looking at them as a trend, there are some strong arguments, both in favour and against. While there is an intelligentsia who could write prose on the chunky sneakers, the other side begs to differ. One part of society reduces them to "just casual dad sneakers," while the other calls them "the next big thing in the fashion industry." Irrespective of the perpetual debate, these versatile chunky sneakers have made a strong comeback this year.

Interestingly, they were everywhere two decades ago and then suddenly, they disappeared. Here and there was just a glimpse of them in the fashion industry. They were considered more for their outdoorsy purpose than their aesthetic value. As time passed, slowly but surely, they climbed the ranks and now are considered a mega trend for 2022.

Fashinza explores the top five sneaker trends and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. Get all the information on what’s in and what’s not in the fashion industry only on Fashinza.com

What are chunky sneakers, and why is the world going crazy over them?

Starting with the basics, chunky sneakers are known by several names. They are called dad sneakers, platform sneakers, and moon shoes, to name a few. Some even go to the extent of calling them "ugly sneakers". Whatever you want to call them, ever since they entered the market, they have taken the fashion industry by storm. They have split the fashion enthusiasts into two parts: The first part loves them, and the second part despises them.

Before forming any opinions, have a look at the reasons why they are loved so much.

They look and are extremely comfortable.

The Sneakers can elevate a plain look to an edgy one.

They've become the favourites of fashion fanatics who love to stand out and experiment.

Women who are conscious of their petite frame can wear these chunky sneakers as they add a few extra inches to their height.

They are versatile and go flawlessly with different aesthetics.

With the reasons out of the way, let’s look at the most popular chunky sneakers in the fashion industry.

1. Basketball Chunky Sneakers

Basketball sneakers have found their way outside the court as well. They were the most worn sneakers in the year 2021 and are showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. They single handedly changed the game and made their way from the runway to local stores. New Balance’s 550, Onitsuka Tiger’s GSM Sneakers, and Acne Studios’ Logo Print Sneakers are the most popular choices in this category.

This versatile footwear exudes a casual chic vibe. Their streamlined shape is admired by fashion lovers all over the world. Pair them with a white cotton button-down and your favourite pair of denim. They are as perfect for outdoor activities as they are for a casual dinner with your friends. Go grab yours before they run out of stock.

2. Vintage Sneakers

It is time to make a trip down memory lane by grabbing vintage sneakers. Major fashion brands are deliberately manufacturing shoes that look like they have aged. This is done by yellowing the area around midsoles, fading out the shoe laces, and buffing out the edges a little bit. Top sports brand Nike has relaunched its archive collection in the year 2021. The relaunch of vintage sneakers was welcomed with open arms. Fashion enthusiasts swamped the Nike stores to get their hands on their Air Max collection.

Some other popular vintage sneakers that are making rounds in the market are Aime Leon Dore, AirMax 270  Trainers, Adidas’s ForumBold perforated Sneakers, and New Balance 547 core. They can be easily styled with your favourite crop top and mini skirt. While these sneakers tend to be very pricey, you can always look for more affordable options that imitate the same style.

3.  Future is here

Fashion designers are highly creative individuals and tend to be futuristic in their approach. Their futuristic vision is manifested in their designs as well. Chunky sneakers that look like they have been manufactured by extra-terrestrial beings are on a roll at the moment. Women and men both are lining up outside stores to get their share of the future. 

The sneakers do not look like your average sneaker. The designs are unique and quirky. Some of the most popular futuristic chunky sneakers are Yeezy Foam Runners, Reebok’s Classic AZ Shoes, and Christian Louboutin’s leather sneakers. They fall on the pricier side and are seen as an investment. However, many brands offer inexpensive alternatives as well. Just be on the lookout for the ones you want. They elevate any plain outfit to a simply stunning one. You will grab eyeballs wherever you go when you wear these futuristic pieces.

4. Gender Fluid Options

The line between sneakers for men and sneakers for women is getting blurrier with each passing day. True fashionistas do not limit themselves to the set boxes of gender-specific footwear. Footwear brands took note of this and designed sneakers that are truly gender-neutral. They are statement pieces that can be worn by all genders. This refreshing change has opened a lot of doors for designs that are gender-neutral.

Lack of gender inclusivity has been a topic of concern for women for a long time. They often raised their voices about the lack of options they had in terms of sports shoes. Not every woman liked the idea of wearing sparkly pink sneakers every time. Fortunately, people at the top took note of this and sat with shoe designers to create sneakers that were gender-neutral. Women all over the world have shown their approval with consistent demand for these sneakers for months in a row. Some of the top choices are New balance 992 Suede, Nike Sacai Low Suede, and Acne High Top Sneakers. They are available in all price ranges - from high-end to affordable options.

5. Sustainable Chunky Sneakers

Considering the environmental impact of the fashion industry on the planet, a sustainable option for sneakers was long overdue. Top sports brands such as Puma, Nike, and Adidas have taken conscious actions to make sustainable sneakers that do not pollute the environment. Vegan leather with low PVC content is used in manufacturing these Sneakers. Brands such as Yeezy even used locally grown algae to manufacture their latest Foam Runner collection.

The brands have indeed taken the first steps to limit the emission of greenhouse gases and women all over the world are appreciative of this noble step. Some of the most popular choices are Arket’s Veja Campo, Novesta’s Star Master, Adidas Yeezy’s Boost 700, and Stella Mccartney’s Vegan Leather Sneakers. These sustainable sneakers look stunning and go well with different styles.


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