5 Tips to make your Salwar Kameez Designs Catalog appealing
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5 Tips to make your Salwar Kameez Designs Catalog appealing

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Catalogs are one great marketing equipment and if used and presented in the right way, they serve their purpose right. Coming to a salwar kameez designs catalog, there are a lot of factors that need to be kept in mind to hit its audience. 

Salwar-kameez is worn extensively in India and neighboring countries and now with the cultural exchanges, the sales have also become international. From every town to country, we see salwar kameez becoming an adaptive and fast fashion trend. 

The catalog for your Salwar Kameez designs must not only sell the product but also represent its true value in a way that it becomes easy to reach and communicate with people. Catalogs are valuable and must reach their audience the right way. Here are a few ways to make it more viable and interesting. 

  1. The Layout of the Salwar Kameez Designs Catalog

You might call this a fashionable dilemma, but if you fail to properly design the catalog for your garments, you could end up torpedoing your entire line of clothing! It's important to keep the focus on which designs will sell well and which ones won't.  

Design is key when it comes to producing a catalog, but the content is just one of many aspects that must be considered. The goal is to organize the data in a way that presents your products in a clear and concise manner without sacrificing quality. Use bullets, color schemes, and descriptive font styles to create an appealing layout that will encourage customers to browse through rather than simply glance over your catalog!

Further, you must provide all the information regarding the garment in a readable format, maybe in the form of headers, labels, and tables. The data must not be manipulative or it will confuse the reader. Strategize the content in a way that keywords are associated with the items and are legible. 

(Image1: Layout of a Catalog [photograph]_Source@Pinterest.com)

(Image2: Layout of a Catalog [photograph]_Source@Pinterest.com)

2. Role in the Market: 

Before framing the catalog, keep the target audience in mind and define the crowd you want to cater to. So, while working on a salwar Kameez designs catalog, we should focus on targets who wear salwar and kameez, which is mostly women. However, nowadays many men have as well started wearing salwar kameez.

You should also understand that simply putting models in fancy outfits isn't enough anymore; you need to make the concept of the designs come through the catalog by keeping the target audience in mind. In today’s era, most people go with designs that resonate with them on a personal level. So, design marketing strategies and plan content in advance to make it a success. 

3. Designing the Catalog: 

The organization of the data regarding clothing and other relevant information in a presentation layout is important. Moreover, it is important to present that information in an appealing way so the catalog can attract more customers. Potential buyers need to be able to navigate through easy-to-understand pages where they can find all the options they may be looking for. Separate your catalogs into different categories showing clothing for women or children in order to avoid unnecessary complications. The more eye-catching elements the catalog contains - such as large pictures, colorful text, or creative graphics - the better.

(Image2: Designing a Catalog [photograph]_2017_Source@Printrunner.com)

Another impressive way to showcase the designs of Salwar Kameez can be via using the concept of lookbooks. Making fashion relatable is one of the ways to let people know that it is for them. Making a lookbook and capturing the aesthetic of the garment also brings out the spiritual concept of the same and helps more people understand it. You must showcase every element of your design descriptively, even the neck designs of the Salwar Kameez. 

4. The authenticity of items: 

Everyone believes in authenticity and the more it exists in your designs catalog, the more people will believe in it. Every design has its own story, and it's important to share that story so as to make your designs more accessible and relevant.

Another reason that this becomes important is that people believe in transparency. The catalog must contain authentic pieces and designs that can sell themselves, thus inspiring others!

5. Pricing and ordering info: 

As easy as this one sounds, it requires a lot more strategizing than you may predict. The ordering details and the pricing amount, you should mention all in one layout and eye frame. It can also be a good idea to present all of the different types/colors of clothing available in your designs so that your customers don't miss out on something attractive they might've otherwise not have noticed!

The above-listed pointers are some key efforts that can make your Salwar Kameez designs catalog a hit.


We hope that this mini-guide helps you with your salwar kameez designs catalog. Let us know! Also, if you are just starting out in the industry, get in touch with us at Fashinza. We’ll help you as much as we can!


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