From Basics to Bold: How to Style Converse High Tops
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From Basics to Bold: How to Style Converse High Tops

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  • With Chinos, blazers, summer dresses and leather ensembles; converse high top shoes can add style and comfort to any attire
  • Converse high tops with a pop of color add a distinctive look to an apparel

There is a constant tussle to pair shoes with clothes. Usually comfort scores over style when it comes to footwear. However, it is safe to say that Converse High Tops provide both style and comfort. Making a style statement and created with new technology, the high tops can be used for almost every occasion. Be it the iconic Chuck Taylor, Unisex High Tops, Run Star Hike, or any of its high tops, they are versatile shoes.

Converse high tops are no longer simply basketball shoes that provide extra support and protection to players. Due to their durability, high tops continue to stay relevant even a hundred years after their launch. Their new designs and colors are used by many to make make a statement and a lifestyle choice. Since Nike bought Converse, the street aesthetics of Converse has been updated with many individualistic and trendy designs. Converse x Fear of God ESSENTIALS, All Star Pro Leather and Run Star Hike are some designs and collaborations that can be called iconic.

Converse high tops are known for their iconic design and legendary silhouette. Its debutante appearance almost a century ago as a rubber-soled basketball shoe became famous as the iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars . Growing up, almost everyone owned an All-Star or a pair of Converse. Hundred years later they still hold appeal as VP Kamala Harris and Beyonce flaunt Chuck Taylors.

With its cult status and iconic appeal, the Converse high tops can be applied to any style - gym wear, casual Friday office wear, and these days trendily, even as a wedding accessory. With Converse high-tops making a bold statement by entering the party scene and semi-formal wear, it has gone beyond the simple denim and sneaker pairing.

Here are a few ways to nail the Converse high-top look

Converse high-top

1. High tops and shorts

Stay ahead of the game by discovering a laidback yet edgy look. A Converse All-Star high-top or a Non-Skid can give the shorts a classy or tough look while comfort rules the feet. So, next time you skip around the corner in your Converse x Keith Haring, remember this look spells fun.

High tops and shorts

2. Cropped Chinos x High Top

Chinos and Converse are rooted in the same subculture, though the Chino has a longer history. Pairing them together is like bringing soulmates of the American style together. Well-tailored short chinos are perfect for showing off the Converse high tops. This look is comfortable and seriously stylish.

Cropped Chinos

3. Blazing High Tops

With modern workplaces easing the formality in office wear, serious discussions are now charmingly eased up with casual dressing. Pairing Converse high tops with blazers and jackets is a winning combination. In the new-age offices, a blazer and hoodie or a blazer and dress shirt combination with a Converse high top can ally with your business plans and your business partners. Be yourself and win the room with your distinct style.

Blazing High Tops

4. Classically Denims with High Tops

The beauty of Converse High Tops is heightened when paired with the comfort and utility of any denims, whether ripped, distressed, slim or classic jeans. The more rugged they are, the higher the style quotient with the high tops.

Classically Denims

5. High Top Workouts

Converse high tops offer better ankle support, perfect for those who are new to a gymming routine or slowly getting into a fitness schedule. Don the brightest athleisure wear with a pair of Converse high tops, and enjoy a stress-free workout regime.

high top workouts

6. Tomboys Go with High Tops

Tomboys love Converse high tops. They are as slip-on and comfortable as the shorts and dungarees they are paired with. Without having to worry about what's trending or what's in fashion, the hightops are comfortable and pair well with any shorts and tee combo. For the devil-may-care attitude of tomboys, hightops are ideal, low maintenance, timeless and yet edgier.


7. Dungarees Pair Well with High Tops

High tops are perfect for teaming up with rompers or loose dungarees. These well-fitting shoes establish a signature style, with the never-out-of-fashion and classically American style. With the don't-care-for-social-media attitude, Converse high tops are an ideal embodiment of comfort over style


8. Leather Up with High Tops

Black Converse high top with a shiny leather jacket. Or Converse All Star Pro Leather with a biking outfit. A bold style that can be paired with graphics, printed tees or subtle floral tops. If jackets are not a style to emulate, a short leather skirt with a dark pair of Converse high tops is a classic look to pull off.

Leather Up


Converse high tops are a matchless add-on to any outfit combination. Depending on the look and style of the outfit and high tops, the look can spell easy, casual, trendy, edgy, glamorous, preppy or refined. Converse high tops have been cool for hundred years and are looking cooler a century later.

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