Say Goodbye to Frumpy Fashion: Discover Trendy Styles for Women Above 40 Today!
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Say Goodbye to Frumpy Fashion: Discover Trendy Styles for Women Above 40 Today!

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J.Jill, a clothing brand popular among women over the age of 40, hired Elliott Staples as its new head of design in 2019. One of his main objectives is to help the brand understand how the fashion needs of forty somethings have changed over time. Staples argues that there used to be more rigid notions of what was considered age-appropriate clothing, but those conventions have evolved.

Breaking the Age-Appropriate Clothing Stereotypes

womens over 50Traditionally, many older women wanted to blend in rather than stand out. However, Staples notes that nowadays, women over 50 are dressing similarly to those in their 30s. They want to make a statement and be noticed when they enter a room.

Catering to the Lifestyle Needs of Older Women

Staples believes that there is still a place in the market for brands like J.Jill that cater to older women. His job is to create garments that are tailored to their lifestyles. He keeps track of what women are doing as they head into the last stages of their careers and retirement, such as traveling or taking walks. The goal is to create stylish, flattering garments that suit their needs.

Creating Garments with Flattering Techniques

Staples uses various techniques to accentuate the form of the garment and create seams that flatter the body. He explains that there are many ways to style a garment so that it enhances the wearer's appearance.

The Future of Fashion for Millennials

As millennials enter their forties, they are likely to continue to be inspired by social media trends. Many of them will want to shop at the same brands they loved in their twenties and thirties. Some of the brands they may turn to include millennial-focused direct-to-consumer brands like Everlane, Cuyana, and Reformation, as well as legacy brands like J.Crew and Abercrombie & Fitch. Classi-Zummo believes that these brands have an opportunity to grow with millennials and cater to their evolving fashion needs.


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