The Ultimate Guide to Business: Early 2000s Fashion for Men
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The Ultimate Guide to Business: Early 2000s Fashion for Men

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Summary: The first decade of the aughts was filled with iconic styles from the 80s and 90s. The early 2000s fashion for men straddled the extremities of formal and casual dressing with popular styles like tuxedos, jerseys, trucker hats and cargo pants. The styles brought a new sense of men’s fashion with their sharp, polished, and fun looks.

The early 2000s was a time when the world was becoming a global village, and people were going all out experimenting with fashion. During the early 2000s fashion, men’s clothing was full of grace and energy. We are living through a magnificent shift in menswear fashion, where Haute Couture brands are trying to widen their collection with more influential and instagrammable clothing. This has brought them to the doors of 2000s fashion again. Currently, brands like H&M, Zara, AND, and Mango are trying to channel the aughts’ energy into men’s collections. Let us look at some of the everlasting 2000s men's fashion trends that a clothing label can add to its upcoming collection.

The Slim-fit Style 

The Slim-fit Style

One thing that was driving fashion in the early 2000s men's fashion was the sleek look with the classic slim-fit suits. Brands like Von Dutch, American Giant, and Baldwin tried to inculcate various form-fitting designs in their collection. Currently, slim-fit suits are incorporated not just in formal settings but also in casual outings, parties, and more. With stretch materials, a fashion label can add such suits to its formal menswear collection in different linen, silk, and fabric blends. 

Turtlenecks and Khakis 

The whole idea of turtlenecks and khaki pants started emerging in the 90s and took the pedestal in the early 2000s. Chris Knott, one of the popular faces of menswear in the 2000s, said, “Turtleneck is flattering to most men… It slenderizes the whole face. ” Currently, turtlenecks and khakis are among the most versatile styles for men that also ride the “lean look” with panache. As a clothing label, you can add these in modest pastel colors like green and beige, appealing the uber-cool men. 



Originally worn as a part of men’s undergarments, suspenders became hugely popular in the early 2000s. Actors like Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, and Leonardo Di Caprio wore them every now and then, making these suspenders come out of the lower rack of a fashion boutique to visible independent sections with casual and formal shirts. These have become a crossover fashion statement for men who prefer a casual look or Friday dressing with a hint of a weekend vibe. This year, you can design them with primary colors like red, yellow, and bold patterns such as zig-zag to pair with striped and leather pants. 

Rapper Clothing 

The rapping trend was on a high during the aughts. If any rapper had extra money to invest, he would just set up a clothing line in his name. Most of this Hip-Hop fashion ended up at local stores, like T.J. Maxx or A.J. Wright, and became quite impressive and appreciated during the mid and early 2000s. The rapper style is the go-to cool statement in men now. Brands looking to make an impression in their spring/summer collection can introduce the rapper style with casual and party wear for an unapologetic, bold look. 

Trucker Hats 

Trucker Hats

Trucker hats were all the rage in the early 2000s, with one specific brand that was graced by celebs at the time - Von Dutch. The shape of the trucker hat, mesh panes, high crown, and slightly curved brim is something that is getting re-embraced by the men. Recently, these caps saw a major revival where Jerry Lorenzo mimicked the style in his own unique way. Even during the spring runways of 2020, these caps were worn with power suits and sweatshirts alike. 

Everything Denim

Justin Timberlake became quite the brand ambassador of denim in the 2000s when he wore tip-to-toe denim. All kinds of denim jackets, jeans, shirts, and even sneakers became highly popular during the early 2000s fashion for men. A clothing line should stock up on the new style of straight denim pants and those classic cool denim shirts in their menswear collection. A hint of timeless denim will never disappoint your brand.

Throwback Jerseys 

The quintessential fashion trend during the early 2000s fashion, men, in particular, has been the classic jersey. By the time Allen Iverson was dominating the NBA games, it was impossible to see basketball fans without these jerseys. Rappers like Kayne West and Drake have built a cult following. This style has come back in a major way with brands ripping up old uni logos and patching them on these throwback jerseys. 

Back to the 2000s

The early 2000s men’s fashion was built on the duality of lean and slim looks and loose and comfortable casuals. The same trends are now cropping up in today's clothing line for men. Be it vintage jerseys, cargo pants, khakis, or leather suspenders, they all have the essence of the aughts in them. Brands are looking back at the 2000s to find more inspiration for their collection. A clothing label can reinvent those styles from the aughts to blend them with today’s customers who dig body positivity and the cool quotient.

If you want to add the glam of aughts to your menswear collection, Fashinza is here to guide you through that. We can connect you with reliable suppliers and manufacturers to build your unique menswear collection with the 2000s nostalgic style.

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Key Takeaways

  • The slim-fit suits from the early 2000s fashion for men were hugely popular. Clothing brands have begun tailoring these suits in their collection promising a lean look.
  • Other major trends that have the hangover of the aughts include trucker hats, turtlenecks and khakis, jerseys, and an all-denim look.

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