Best Collection Of Fall/Winter Outerwear Essentials For Men And Women
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Best Collection Of Fall/Winter Outerwear Essentials For Men And Women

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Over the due course of the pandemic, fashion designers and brand owners all over the world have come to realize the significance of dressing for comfort and at the same time, keeping it stylish.

This new wave of seasonless and minimalistic couture has made us all go gaga over the exquisite collection presented by the designers at the recently concluded 2022Fashion Week. Also, undoubtedly, the recent lineup has brought most of the retro fashion back into the limelight.

Get ready to check out this cherry-picked list of 5 must-have outerwear for both men and women this fall and winter, which are certainly the most casual yet chic trendsetters.

Let us have a look at the excellent collection of fall/winter outfits for men this season.

1. All denim

outerwear, denim

Head-to-toe denim or all denim was surely the head-turner in the recent lineup. Newly appointed Creative Director of Diesel, Glenn Martens showcased a phenomenal collection of all denim look at the Milan Fashion Week as part of his fall collection.

On the runway, models sporting an all-denim look with enormous denim fur coats or shielding scarves were the distinctive styling details presented this season.

No one can go wrong with a pair of denim. To top it all, all denim is just the right choice.

It is the subtlety of the sturdy warped-based fabric, which gives it a distinctive feature.

Clearly, now is the time to double up on denim!

2. Bomber jackets

outerwear, jackets

From an old-school piece with multiple flap pockets or supple leather sleeves along with trimmed monochrome stripes on the borders! Even more so, a dual-color leather bomber jacket is every designer's top pick for this season. Bomber jackets are a perfect addition to attain a casual look.

Top designers, namely Gucci to Saint Laurent, Nike, and Ralph Lauren, are certain that these military-inspired bomber jackets are a re-emerging trend.

3. Shearling coats

outerwear, coats

This street-style inspired yet sumptuous garment is sure to spruce up every man's wardrobe collection. Designers have continued to adore this sturdy-looking outerwear and have prominently placed these in most fall collections over the years. Shearling coats are one of the finest picks to enhance a perfect winter casual menswear.

Brands such as Saint Laurent, Burberry, Oliver Spencer and Levi's have experimented with this exquisite outerwear and proudly have an exceptional collection of these all-time classic shearling coats.

4. Ensemble of leather

outerwear, leather

Another edgiest fashion statement that got massive attention was the outfits paired with leather. From leather trousers paired with zip-up jackets to leather coats or blazers above black trousers, designers surely succeeded to glam up the outfit in every possible way.

Leather trench coats or adventurous biker-style leather jackets amplified the glamour quotient.

It's agreed upon that time and again, leather has been the right fit for fall and winter seasons and should be considered a must-have in every man's wardrobe.

5. Knitwear

outerwear, knitwear

Hand-crocheted knitwear that was once considered appropriate only on Christmas Eve has now found its way into the fashion designer's mood board. Roll neck or crew neck sweaters with expanded shoulders mark a mesmerizing style quotient.

Brands such as Gucci, Burberry, and Versace have embraced this aesthetically pleasing yet cozy outfit at Fashion Week this season.

Let's head onto our next section comprising some of the best outerwear fall/winter outfits for women this season.

1. Scarves

outerwear, scarves

This versatile piece of fabric is not just a fall essential but is the go-to style staple to glam up a look. From variations based on materials such as cotton, chiffon, pashmina, velvet, viscose, and linen, along with diverse patterns and colors, these scarves are sure to top the list of 2022 fall/winter fashion trends.

It also has become vital for designers across the board to pay attention to this unique fabric and get more creative in terms of adapting it to their collections. Scarves are sure to be the best investment for fashion designers and brand owners because of their mesmerizing versatility.

2. Cashmere sweaters

outerwear, sweaters

Owing to the work-from-home culture, these incredibly light soft-to-touch cashmere sweaters have now made a comeback in the women's wardrobe collection. Layered over a white shirt or paired with skinny jeans, this premium quality knitwear is a timeless option as a fall outfit for women of all ages.

Moreover, procuring the material is extremely crucial for designers as cashmere sweaters are the rarest and the finest type of outerwear. Evidently, cashmere sweaters or rather cardigans should be a must-have styling accessory in every woman's wardrobe this fall.

3. Ultra baggy jeans

outerwear, baggy jeans

Skinny or flared jeans are a thing of the past now. Ultra baggy jeans are the hottest trendsetter this season. From baggy tapered jeans to oversized baggy dad jeans or from classic trouser-like fit to front-pleated jeans -

The cool '90s vibe and the easy-to-wear attribute are what make these ultra-baggy jeans the best fall outfit for women.

Certainly, this effortless silhouette is what pushes denim brands to take their collection up a notch on this trend.

4. Maxi coat/overcoat

outerwear, overcoats

Paired with bodycon dresses or a pair of denim and a regular sweater, maxi coats or overcoats have glammed up the Fashion Week this season. Maxi coats, also known as fall coats, could be considered the best style setter for women's fall fashion in 2022.

Designers experimented with volumes this year by enhancing the maxi coat with bold shoulders.

Additionally, a faux fur coat instead of the traditional maxi coat is an even better addition to glam up the attire, which was showcased by Saint Laurent's at the Paris Fashion Week 2022 collection.

5. Power suit

outerwear, suits

Several designers took a plunge at the recently concluded Fashion Week and remodeled the exceptionally elegant power suit.

Suits certainly act as a powerful style quotient, and it is undoubtedly one of the most desired collections in the world of modern fashion. If fashion designers and brand owners haven't yet considered expanding power suits as their new line of collection, they must at the soonest possible time.

Because suiting up has evolved immensely over the years and it's no longer about presenting corporate life but also about acknowledging and honoring self-expression. Suiting up as a style statement has now become much more assertive than ever before.


In conclusion, this year's fashion statements were definitely a comeback from the retro era and most importantly inspired by everyday attire.

Both, men's & women's Fall Fashion 2022 were more about comfort and ease, which truly was the epitome of this season.

Glorifying the effortless look by teaming it up with elements varying from patterns and prints, bright monochrome, fancy knits, and an aesthetically pleasing vintage collection stood apart this season.

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