What You Should Be Designing: The Ultimate Guide To Outfitting A Couple For A 90s Theme Party
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What You Should Be Designing: The Ultimate Guide To Outfitting A Couple For A 90s Theme Party

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Summary: When it comes to '90s nostalgia, nothing beats fashion. The way people dressed and the trends that were popular may seem like nothing more than a fleeting fad, but it is a great time for inspiration. This article is going to be about what you need to design for the '90s-themed party for couples attending a '90s theme party.

Tracing the 90s style

Designing is more art than art itself could be. It stems from a soulful place and comes alive with unparalleled creativity and sheer hard work. So, how about this time you take the 90s style as an inspiration to create ensembles for a couple, who'd be flaunting it to a grunge-theme party and most definitely beyond? Allow us to make it a cakewalk for you with our guides noting unmissable attributes of the 90s style and helping you come up with a stunning creation for couples.

Now the important thing while putting together a couples ensemble is that the attire should essay a well-coordinated story through its color, prints, and cuts. Entail the same color palette and make sure you are instilling the same trend from the 90s style to the outfits you'd be designing for a couple. For instance, if you are picking the grunge code from the 90s style, make sure for the female counterpart, you are teaming the denim overalls with a bralette dipped in the same color palette of the casual-tee designed for the male counterpart. If you want to go by the sheer trend of the era you can maybe craft a dress and a shirt with similar detailings for a couple.

Remember when you are curating a couple's attire, they should be well orchestrated in terms of similar style, fabrics, and color. Let's binge into a deeper creative mode where we'd brainstorm about the styles we could inculcate while designing a 90s-style-themed attire for couples.

1) Decode the Grunge Together

Incorporate the grunge staple while designing outfits for a couple. A flannel-inspired tee teamed with patchwork denim and cool sneakers would be just perfect for the duo; you'd surely be curating a very chic '90s-style ensemble

Decode the Grunge Together

2) The Sheer You and Me

Sheer was a staple of the 90s style. Sketch sheer, detailed attire for the couple you are designing for. The fabric provides a sense of svelteness to the wearer. Curate a splendid dress and a sheer detailed formal shirt for the couples to steal that silver spot. 

The Sheer

3) The must-have Fanny pack

Fanny packs are indeed androgynous. Have fun with the details like the doodle prints, heritage-inspired notes, and color blocking while creating fanny packs for couples on the go.

The must-have Fanny pack

4) Turtleneck for both

Curating a turtleneck ensemble for both would be the best creative decision you as a designer could make for couples who love basking in the comfort and snug. Add some bling to the turtlenecks in interesting colors and pair them with leather skater skirts for her and perfectly tailored leather pants for him.


5) The Power Plaid Suits

The power of plaid suits goes very well with the power couples walking together very much in love. When it comes to designing for these high-octane duos hitting the 90s-themed party. Add quirky shades and flattering cuts to the outfits to make a statement. 

The Power Plaid Suits

6) Denim story of her and him

Layering and owning denim for day to night and maybe beyond is the ultimate love for a duo living the fashion fleek. Think out of the box while tracing your denim designs. Overalls with a few interesting cutouts for her and distressed patched denim trousers for him, just suggesting!

Denim story

7) The Aviator-love game

The game of shades from the 90s style has made a massive comeback. Couples can be spotted twinning them. While curating your line of these sunglasses for the '90s-themed party, add bright hues to the rims with some quirky texture.

The Aviator-love game

8) The leather affair

Leather is suave and BAE to the duos who love making a point when it comes to fashion. Add interesting fringes and embellishments while designing leather attire for couples hitting the floors to a '90s-themed party

The leather affair

9) Accessory Overhaul

Accessories are made to be overhauled! Curate leather accessories such as chokers, headbands, or bracelets layered with spike or bead details for a couple going to the 90s-themed soiree.

Accessory Overhaul

10) Truly, Madly Graphi-tees

Devise your line of graphic tees shouting outré and quirky for the couple joining a 90s-themed celebration. Get inspired by some fandom and sketch interesting logos to incorporate into your design. Do not forget to play with hues.

Truly, Madly Graphi-tees

The Creation and Beyond

Hope we helped you brainstorm ideas to curate a line for both her and him inspired by the '90s theme. You have Fashinza's back to help you with manufacturing and logistics through an easily accessible AI-driven platform. Visit us to book a demo now and get started with your beautiful creative journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure your designing process is well-planned, and always start documenting your ideas and inspiration through mood boards. 
  • Take note of the themed celebrations and design the attire accordingly. 
  • While designing for a couple, make sure the outfits are well coordinated.

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