10 Runway Trends From Emily In Paris
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10 Runway Trends From Emily In Paris

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Emily in Paris, with its quintessential Parisian appeal, premiered on Netflix in October 2020. It showcases the titular character in the most fashionable clothes imaginable. But it isn’t just Emily in the spotlight. Other characters in the show, including Camille Razat and her polished French employer, Sylvie Gratreau, also wear stylish clothing.

Emily in Paris looks are fantastic inspiration for high-end designer labels and fashion brands looking to capture the latest runway fashion in their next collection. Let’s look at some of the highlights below. 

A Beret is a Statement 

Emily In Paris Runway Trends

The beret is a French cliché that all Americans are accustomed to. Its flexible design makes it an understated, yet stylish accessory to any ensemble. Emily embraces the "American in Paris" theme by pairing the voguish cap with many outfits. She pairs a loud red beret with a black and white checkered jacket and Veronica Beard shorts.

Florals Forever 

Emily In Paris Runway Trends

Emily's bright yellow camisole and silk maxi skirt are more casual and chic. In comparison to her carefully curated French wardrobe, she appears American in this outfit. Ganni, a modern ready-to-wear Danish designer, offers this exquisite ensemble that is perfect for a springtime outing. The vivid colors and intricate designs make it a highlight among the best Emily in Paris looks.

Pink Winter Coats

The cheeky protagonist hits the streets of Paris in a dazzlingly brilliant pink coat from Kenzo. She pairs this with a matching pink sweater, skirt, wedges and socks, adding a dash of color to her winter outfit. While a full monochromatic look isn't for everyone, a beautiful pink coat is a must-have runway statement item.

A Touristy Affair 

Emily In Paris Runway Trends

Remember the scene where Emily steps off the airplane and is eager to make an impression at her new workplace? Her cool print shirt is charming, as is Ronny Kobo's snake-print miniskirt. Emily Cooper wears Christian Louboutin Gorgona boots with a Rare Paris pattern for the show, both beautiful and stylish.

Beige Dress

Emily In Paris Runway Trends

One of the classiest Emily In Paris looks is Camille’s beige dress. It's effortlessly stylish, evoking street-style looks reminiscent of the Paris Fashion Week. Zara's polka-dot puff-sleeve transparent blouse is a popular item in the high-street fashion landscape. A beige checkered dress is again layered over to create a contemporary yet coordinated outfit. It only goes to show how the right combination of clothes and accessories can make a style statement.

A Little Black Dress That Goes a Long Way

Emily wears a strapless black Alexandre Vauthier dress in Episode 2. It is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn, and the dress's classic shape provides for a flawless look. An LBD has unlimited potential, which is why it's a must-have item in Chanel and Marc Jacobs runway shows. Make sure you add a LBD to your next collection, if you haven’t already - it’s a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.

Bag Charms

With the "Karlito" charm during Fendi's Fall/Winter 2014 presentation, Karl Lagerfeld was the first one to introduce bag charms to the world of fashion. Emily's Eiffel Tower bag charm makes quite the statement. Recently, in collaboration with London-based company Chaos, Fendi transformed an Airpods case into a purse charm.

Ruffle Shirt 

Emily wears a white shirt with ruffle trimmings and a traditional plaid crop-blazer for a retro Victorian appearance. The light-wash high-waist denim pants that go with it are the finest part of the ensemble. This ruffled white blouse is a winner when combined with a red tartan Vivienne Westwood cropped jacket. The frills and the features of a wide and cushioned shoulder give it a new dimension.

Skirts and Cardigans 

Emily in Paris looks never cease to enthrall, and skirts and cardigans are an all-time favorite. Emily dons a colorful and stylish ensemble with a Versace spring 2019 Technicolor Baroque silk skirt and a sequin Chanel spring 2020 cardigan. Given the rivalry between Chanel and Versace, it was a bold move to tie them together

Emily In Paris Runway Trends

The Recycled Runway Looks to Make an Impact

From all the Emily in Paris looks, this one is most memorable. It features a gown by Dope Tavio stolen from Field's ARTFashion Gallery in New York, then reconstructed and transformed into a mini-dress. Her green cotton jacket from the Cruise 2020 line and her pearl-studded quilted purse from spring/summer 2019 are noteworthy.

ConclusionThe producers of the show combined a variety of designs and colors to complement Emily’s small frame and vibrant personality. You can easily find inspiration from these Emily in Paris looks for your next collection. Get in touch with Fashinza if you are looking to manufacture runway-ready clothes. We work with leading suppliers in the industry to manufacture top-quality clothing and fashion apparel.


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