12 Pastel Color Trends for Ethnic Wear
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12 Pastel Color Trends for Ethnic Wear

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Aren’t you too done with the different bright and jarring colors?

There’s a reason why people are moving from dramatic and highly colored clothes to subtle and soft ones.

Unlike brightly colored clothes, pastel colors don’t need to be loud to get attention.

Even though these are gentle and subdued hues, they have a lot more to them.

Let’s take a look at why pastel colors are trending.

  1. Pastel colors offer a softer look that is easier on the eyes since they are less intense than traditional hues.
  1. As you must have noticed, spring flowers also come in pastel hues. So, pastel colors always lead people back to those beautiful springtimes.

When it comes to ethnic wear, pastel colors have been gaining ground.

Women love the mystical and dreamlike pastel palette for all kinds of occasions, whether it’s a festival, wedding, or any other social gathering, over the usual brights.

You also accent your pastel-colored outfit with oxidized metallic or warm-toned jewelry.

The pastel palette is not confined to pinks and blues; it goes well beyond.

Here, we've compiled a list of pastel color options for you to use as inspiration while choosing your ethnic wear.

  1. Pastel Green

Pastel green is a hue that is light yellowish green but lighter than apple green.

Pastel green can be worn with a variety of apparel with colors, especially lilac.

Avoid mixing pale green with bright red or orange.

This color gives the wearer a sense of mystery and elegance.

  1. Baby Blue Pastel Turquoise
Baby Blue Pastel Turquoise shade

The baby blue pastel turquoise symbolizes freshness, femininity, tranquility, and refinement.

It goes nicely with soft greys and also with neutrals such as beige, cream, and nude. You should avoid combining pastel blue with bright, high-saturation hues such as red.

  1. Magic Mint

This color is similar to all the subdued greens. They range in shades from pistachio and olive to aquas and marine greens.

This color trend indicates a forward-thinking attitude.

  1. Light Green

Green has two opposing meanings: nature and the environment, and money.

Light green works well with blues, other greens, yellows, and neutrals. Combine these colors and make the best color combination for your kurtis.

  1. Pastel Purple

Mysterious, elegant, and profound are the words that can be used to define this color trend.

Ethnic clothing is the ideal blend of refinement and elegance. 

It has a mix of pink's gender-neutral appeal and purple's contemporary appeal.

When your customers will put on a pastel purple outfit, they’ll get some stares and wows and ultimately some referrals to you.

  1. Pastel Lilac

Lilac is a delicate, light purple color.

Colors such as orange, yellow, olive green, and grey might be used to contrast it. However, it also looks beautiful with similar colors of purple or with light pink.

  1. Light Lime

This color is connected with nature, confidence, and a high level of vitality.

It works quite well with both warm and cool tones, such as yellows and blues. This is the best salwar suit color combination. 

  1. Light Periwinkle
Light Periwinkle shade

Periwinkle is a light indigo hue named after a flower. It's blue with purple undertones.

When used with more vivid colors like oranges or greens, periwinkle acts as an anchoring hue.

However, when combined with other shades of blue and neutrals, it acts as a complementary color.

  1. Pale Mauve

Mauve is a light, blue-purple that stands on the color wheel between violet and pink.

It balances its complementary hue yellow, complements other purple tones, and makes lime green stand out.

  1. Pastel Red

Pastel red is a shade of red, a color associated with intensity. 

It works well alongside delicate pink shades like dusty rose and rose quartz white and off-white shades like cream, or even next to a soft grey.

  1. Pastel Orange

Known for their apparent softness and lightness. Pastel orange is a shade of orange that is similar to honeydew but darker than light orange.

Everything from a basic kurti dress to an exquisite long kurti to dazzling lehengas offers the wearer the most feminine look in this color.

  1. Baby Pink

Pink is a soft hue that evokes feelings of sensitivity, femininity, tenderness, and romance.

Pink may be used with purples and blues to produce a soft, lovely palette.

Wrapping Up

If you don't like bright, strong colors for your designs, pastel apparel is for you!

We've seen a significant shift in the color palettes used at our Indian weddings in recent years, and it all points to pastels.


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