5 Loungewear Fashion Trends to Look Out for in 2021
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5 Loungewear Fashion Trends to Look Out for in 2021

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No doubt the year 2020 was all about cute and comfortable loungewear. We were spending most of our time inside our house due to the ongoing pandemic. We needed clothes which are comfortable and presentable at the same time. During that time, loungewear was our best friend. It enabled us to work from home and appear on social media wearing cozy apparel which, became a trend afterward. Now, in 2021 we are here to introduce you to some top loungewear fashion trends so that you don't miss out on any of these.

I am quite an active person myself when it comes to the latest fashion trends. It's been about a year since we are sitting at home, and girls like me can't do anything but keep up with these trends. The prime source of new trends in the fashion world is social media apps like TikTok and Instagram. The apparel worn by an influencer in a viral video is more likely to be the next new fashion trend for some time. It gets hard to keep up with all these trends regularly. There are also fashion choices that are universal right now like, loungewear sets. These trends are high in demand, especially in 2021, when we are still working from home. 

So here we are with some best loungewear fashion trends to look out for in 2021.

1. Loungewear Knit Sets

Matching Loungewear Knit Sets has no doubt ruled our wardrobes in 2020. They are one of the best ladies loungers one can find. These sets are still dominating our regular social media feeds. They are cozy, comfortable, and grace you with elegance. This matchy set offers a cozy-chic look making it trendy. My personal favorite is the elevated matching sweater and pants knit set. What's yours?

2. Loungewear Hoodie Sets

Who doesn't like the comfort of sweats? Are you still thinking about ways to make your sweatshirts look stylish? Then Loungewear Hoodie Sets are just the answer you need. Oversized hoodies are new trendy apparel. You can fashionably style them with some jeans, pants or leggings. They make you look cozy and yet luxurious. All you need is just some rain, an oversized hoodie, your favorite novel, a steaming cup of coffee, and welcome to heaven!

3. Track Pants

Track Pants

When we talk about trendy bottom wear, track pants are currently ruling the fashion trends. There was a time when people, especially girls, were not comfortable wearing track pants outdoors. But today, it has become trendy wear. You can pair up crop tops and midriff-baring tops with track pants to make a style statement. Don't forget to try out sneakers with these outfits!

4. Flared Bottomwear

Remember the flared bottom wear worn by girls you saw in old movies? Ever wished to wear them? Well, you have the chance now. Flared Bottomwear has ruled the fashion world for good six to seven years. Now, they are back in style in the form of the high-waisted palazzo, flared leggings, and wide-leg pants. They offer perfect fit and coziness. You can pair them up with almost any loungewear set. This apparel comes in colors you can wear all year round. So don't think much and get yourself some flared bottom wears!

5. Sports Bras

Sports Bras

Yes, you read it right. During the lockdown, fitness enthusiasts posted their gym workouts on their feeds. That was when the sports bras gained a lot of attention. When paired with sweatpants or yoga pants, this apparel looks cool and stylish. They are comfortable and more trendy when paired with a jacket or a coat. You can look sexy and classy at the same time. And don't forget that sports bras are perfect for working out!


During the lockdown, fashion has evolved to a great extent. Gone were the days when uncomfortable clothing was considered stylish apparel. Now, cozy, oversized, and comfortable clothing has made it to the top of the fashion charts. While working from home, we needed clothing that is comfortable as well as suitable for work. Loungewear became the best option for the same. 

Now, people prefer loungewear more in comparison to other apparel. There is a very high demand for loungewear underwear, loungewear sweats, loungewear footwear, and other loungewear apparel. It is comfortable, classy, and cozy. You can do both your household as well as office work by wearing it. 

Now with time, more and more comfortable clothing is coming up in the market. People are more attracted to comfortable clothes than tight ones. Loungewear is going to hold its place for a long time, for sure! So if you are looking to buy some trendy loungewear, do consider the trendy ones mentioned above. Check out the stock on Fashinza!


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