A Look Inside The Wardrobe Of A Young Professional
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A Look Inside The Wardrobe Of A Young Professional

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Young professionals are ambitious and ready to capture their dreams. Many of whom are new to the business, these freshly out of the college individuals largely fashion conscious. In 2021, we are witnessing an influx of millennials entering the workforce, having an appetite for bold and chic professional attire. This is fantastic news for all fashion brands out there. Based on our industry experience and the latest trends, we have shortlisted the top ladies’ formal business attire and professional attire you would typically find in a young professional’s wardrobe.

  1. A Suit

One of the best ways to express that you are corporate-ready!
Everyone owns at least a pair of suits in their wardrobe. A lot of enjoyable moments often get attached to the suit, thus making it more than just a professional attire. It's a time-tested attire, particularly in the influential fields of finance and law. Young men, especially in a dark-colored (black or grey) suit, give out an executive look. While in the ladies’ formal business attire segment, pantsuits are the preferred choice. That being said, we are seeing an emergence of skirt suits largely among the millennial crowd. 

  1. Formal business tops

For men, a simple button-down shirt never fails to impress. On the other hand, blouses with rudimentary designs are a must-have ladies’ formal business attire and go well paired with dark-colored business slacks and jackets. This is the most common clothing found among young professionals. Here, preference is given to mellow colors and comfy fabric. Its affordability and low maintenance are key reasons for its popularity. This professional attire practically sells itself with minimum effort. 

3. Semi-formal attire

Semi-formal attire

We are seeing the emergence of a more business-casual attire culture in organizations, such as ‘Casual Saturdays’, especially among startups. More and more young professionals are moving into this ecosystem, creating a sizable demand for semi-formal professional attire. Moreover, wearing the same boring formal outfits to work can be monotonous. Ladies’ semi-formal business attire typically includes ruffle tops, suit separates, patterned skirts, and long sleeve sweater dresses. They pair exceptionally well with classic black loafers. We strongly believe the ladies’ semi-formal business attire space is going to further explode in the coming years. 

4. A Little black dress 

Little black dresses are the make-a-statement dresses for young professionals. This professional attire, a sign of simplicity and class, is the preferred choice for interviews and appraisal meetings. For these dresses, creating layers with jackets and scarves is the top pick. When coupled with a pair of black heels, it makes a classic ladies’ formal business attire. You can hardly go wrong with this dress, as it is universally appropriate and seasonless. We believe this is a must-have dress for every young working professional. Besides, it leaves a lasting impression. 

5. Business skirts 

A business skirt is a fantastic ladies’ formal business attire, as it gives out a mean-business vibe. We are witnessing an uptick in this segment among the millennial crowds, which is a great trend. Its ability to be experimented with different colors and patterns makes it a huge hit among young professionals. Depending on the patter, texture, and color, business skirts can be worn with any printed top or colored blouse that go with it. The most commonly seen is the classic black skirt. It's timeless and pairs very well with almost any top or shirt.

6. Dress pants

 Dress pants

Classy black business slacks are a guaranteed find in every young professional's wardrobe. They offer tremendous value for money. A few of the most common slacks we see are high-waist, wide stripe trousers or chinos. Designed to be versatile, they can be paired with a simple button-down shirt, blazer or a sweater instantly giving a professional outlook. Some of the other key features of this professional attire are that they are machine washable and affordable. 


The type of ladies’ formal business attire selected by young professionals depends on the industry, organisations’ dress code and other factors. We recommend short-listing your target market based on these factors. Increasingly, young professionals on social media are in pursuit of trendy professional attire, with no hesitation to invest in styles that reflect their personality the most - this is an undisputed fact. There is a substantial market here up for grabs!


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