Bestselling Denim Trends For S/S 2022
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Bestselling Denim Trends For S/S 2022

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Denim is one of the best apparel styles that never goes out of fashion. Adhering to the essence of the fabric, the fashion industry has managed to keep it in vogue. However, throughout the years, denim has undergone a lot of changes in terms of fit and form. It has also proven its versatility by being accessible to a wide demographic. While some fashion trends tend to be in the limelight for a limited time, old denim trends return after every few years with a new edge. Thus, to keep up with the latest denim fashions, let us have a look at the bestselling, and new launches in 2022.

The Rise Of Denim Wear

The most well known denim apparel, which is a crucial part of most wardrobes today, is a simple pair of jeans. But when they were first launched in the market, they were mostly worn by miners and factory workers because of the durability of the fabric. You will be amazed to know that jeans were not supposed to be stylish, rather functional and practical. It was only when movie stars and actors started wearing them that they came into vogue, making denim an easily adaptable style.

Denim jeans have witnessed drastic changes over the decades; from boxy to flared top embellished. The post-pandemic style statement took a complete 180 degrees turn with denim when the S/S22 runway launched their new collection.
As we are always dress to impress, let us have a look at what to add to our wardrobes.

Latest Trend In Denim Wear In 2022

Latest Trend In Denim Wear In 2022

We have dug deep into the S/S22 runway styles from the latest fashion week, and found that apart from jeans, denim skirts and dresses are coming back into vogue.

As such if you are a fan of denim skirts, or have boxed your old ones, now is the time to bring them out and stay on top of the latest trends. 

Moreover, the runway moved on from the skinny jeans that have enjoyed being in vogue for a long time now. Instead, diverse styles of denim rocked the runway in a variety of shades, from dark to light wash. The most common were the:

  • Slouchy or baggy jeans: Mostly famous among male rappers and pop stars, baggy jeans have made their way to female closets as well! Famous brands like MSGM displayed their styles of this apparel on top models.

These jeans have a wide leg and deep inseam, mostly low rise which is flattering to the waistline. The drop of the jeans adds to the overall height of the models. This style has hit hard and is going to stay for a while. So, if you are having second thoughts about investing in these, hurry before the latest stocks get sold out.

  • Dipped V and wide-legged jeans: The dipped V-cut jeans are a perfect option to style a crop top with. The wide leg is super flattering and comfortable, pairing well with sneakers and heels. 
  • Dark washed denim:  Denim looks cooler when faded which encourages teenagers to bleach their jeans to achieve a chic look. However, if you are also a fan of the faded jeans and have them loaded into your wardrobe, you are going to be a bit disappointed because dark washed jeans are making a comeback.

Dark indigo denim has returned and was spotted on the runaway displayed by the likes of Christian Dior and Saint Laurent. What’s more, they have proved that the coolest way to make denim appear polished is to make jeans as indigo as you can.

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of dark washed jeans, you can opt for jackets or specially tailored dresses. The dark denim dresses were flattering in every colour, shape, and size.

  • A head-to-toe denim look: Denim purchases are not limited to jeans alone and showcase a wide range such as; tailored blazers, dresses, kaftans, and jackets. These styles captured the eyes of many when models hit the runway wearing Valentino’s latest collection. Additionally, Saint Laurent’s denim blazers were also one of a kind.

After looking at the models, we have to say that denim-on-denim never looked better. This look is a hit already and can be seen on celebrities, models, and fashion influencers. As such jeans and jumpsuits are also being launched by famous brands, easily accessible to all.

  • Jeans for every shape and size: It feels nice to see that jean styles are becoming more size-inclusive. While skinny jeans were initially popular only amongst people befitting the body type, the gradual change in denim styles is making this trendy apparel even more accessible.
  • Denim trends in skirts: Denim skirts are a favourite amongst teenagers, since they add a cool vibe to one's look. They can be easily paired with colourful cropped tops, chic jewellery and boots, making them efficient forms of fashion. The midi skirts became a celebrated look on the S/S22 runway and are definitely a denim trend for 2022.
  • Denim dresses: Short denim dresses which were mostly paired with UGC boots and leggings are making a comeback. This was mostly a look donned by teenagers, but the latest style as seen on the S/S22 Milan runway was much chicer.

A style that definitely caught the attention of designers, as well as fashion stars, is the fusion of a dress and a corset. The look is snug on the body and brings out a perfect silhouette. Combined with a cool pair of sunglasses, the corset denim dress will give you a chic look that can be worn to workshops, brunches, and fashion events. To make it a head-turner, style it up with a pair of boots, high heels, or colourful pumps. 

  • Vintage denim: As skinny jeans died a slow death on the ramp, baggy jeans emerged from the ashes. Many top models were dressed by designers in vintage jackets and baggy jeans. It was definitely a fresh sight to behold. They looked glamorous and we are definitely marking this denim trend in our winter 2022 lookbook. If you are looking for reliable brands to buy some baggy jeans, then Urban Outfitters is a go-to option.
  • The tailored style: There are many examples of personalised tailored clothing which is as unique as the person wearing it. Some of these examples include bustiers to customised jackets. Many of these styles have been a hit ever since they got on the runways in fashion shows too. Hence, if you are looking to style up your wardrobe in a unique way, then this style is definitely the one for you.

Brands To Shop From For The Latest Trend In Jeans:

Brands To Shop From For The Latest Trend In Jeans:

Do not go swimming in the pool of brands to shop for the latest Denim trends of 2022 because we have already enlisted the brands you can rely upon:

  • Agolde high waist loose fit jeans
  • Good American high waist relaxed jeans
  • LEVI’S dark washed Jeans
  • Urban outfitters wide-legged dipped v jeans
  • Chelsea jacket from AG Jeans
  • Davies Bustier denim dresses
  • Miniskirts by wild fable
  • Jumpsuits from EN SAISON
  • LIVERPOOL LOS ANGELES denim jackets
  • Midi skirts by MADEWELL

After the fashion show in Milan, we are ready to dive into the baggy jeans movement. The designers did not disappoint and how revolutionary the fabric can be. VOGUE says that skinny jeans have officially died at the show. Let us be honest, it was time for the trend to go! So, let us buy a pair of these cool looks for ourselves this year.


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