Blast from the Past: 10 Current Fashion Trends that are Making a Comeback
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Blast from the Past: 10 Current Fashion Trends that are Making a Comeback

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Summary: Throwback trends have reached a new level as fashion takes a nostalgic turn bringing back some of the best trends of the past eras. The trends that made the rounds in the 70s and 90s are back in vogue, and brands, bloggers, and fashion influencers are obsessed with this resurgence of old designs.

One of the major reasons why fashion is so inspiring is that it is cyclical and it is never constant. Fashion trends often go out of style only to resurge after 2 or 3 decades. And each time, it comes back with a vengeance. Some of these trends are embraced globally as fashion brands recognize their universality. Others have a winning look that is also versatile, making them runway hits.

Let’s dive into the 10 current fashion trends that are making a comeback and keeping fashion labels busier than ever. 

1. It’s Pouring Prints 

Maximalist print is one of the current fashion trends that is making a comeback. The 60s-era prints including geometric patterns, lavish floral designs, checkerboard color blocks and psychedelic swirls are back in trend, and how! The trend took over the runways in 2021 where brands like Dior, Valentino, and Prada showcased their collection.

2. Lacing In With Corsets

Lacing In With Corsets

In the 19th century, corsets were worn by women to flaunt a flat waist and this time around, it’s more about feeling chic and confident and less about aiming for a perfect body shape. The modern version of corsets is much easier to wear and it can be paired with loose trousers or cargo pants to create a perfect balance.

3. Bling it on! 

Another fashion trend that has made a comeback into our closets is the chain belt and rhinestones. In the 90s, rhinestones and chain belts were adorned to accentuate the body shape and it is back in trend to solve the same purpose. Channel your inner Britney and add a chain belt or rhinestones to cinch-oversized outfits.

4. Corduroy Continuum 

After being extremely popular in the 70s, corduroy is back in trend and this time it’s more than just corduroy pants. From skirts to shirts and even bags, corduroy is looking chic and cozier than ever. It was one of the best men’s fashion trends in 2022 and was also showcased in fall/winter collections on the runways.

5. Sneak in Some Chunky Sneakers

Chunky Sneakers

Sneakers made their place in everyone’s heart in the 80s owing to their comfortable and casual feel. The trend is back with brands like Gucci and Yeezy bringing in some of the chunkiest sneakers in the market. Though sneakers have never been out of trend, it all comes down to which sneakers make the cut in your collection.

6. Say Hi to High Waist Jeans 

High-waist jeans gained popularity in the 80s, and this trend is making a comeback in the fashion industry. Due to the comfort it offers, the high-waist jeans is here to stay. With the current fashion standards, high-waist jeans keep evolving over time to make their owners look chic and feel comfy. 

7. Slay it with Scrunchies


Scrunchies were very popular in the 90s and you can’t be happier with the trend making its way back. Scrunchies are a hit among celebs and all for good reasons. They create less friction thereby reducing hair breakage. With fun colors and prints, scrunchies are back to woo you again! 

8. Puff it Up 

After the Bridgerton fever, puffy sleeves or balloon sleeves are back in trend. The 1980s saw Princess Diana carrying big sleeves in her wedding gown. This time, the puffy sleeves have evolved into a cottagecare look with exaggerated volume and balloon effects.

9. Dare to Denim

After the early 2000s, denim is back in trend. Ranging from denim shirts to denim jackets and jeansdenim is everywhere. Denim jeans are trending in all formsfrom straight-cut to flare and mom jeans to boot cut. One can never go wrong with denim. The industry knows it. So, do the customers.


10. Merry-Go-Round 

Another fashion trend from the past is the re-emergence of round glasses. John Lennon and Janis Joplin made them a runway hit in the 70s. Now they are back in trend. Round frames have been in the market for some time now and they always evoke a vintage yet sassy vibe. 

Get On-Trend With Vintage Vibe

As industry leaders, fashion brands can make a mark with these raging fashion trends that are making a comeback. They are a delightful blast from the past and carry a nostalgic vibe with them.

Key Takeaways

  • The fashion trends making a comeback are bold yet comfortable. Whether it is large prints, corduroys or corsets, they are easy to relate to and are here to stay.  
  • These trends have evolved from their past use to reflect a confident and free-spirited personality.  
  • Trends such as high-waist jeans and round glasses evoke a strong sense of nostalgia that embraces your body and mind with a vintage vibe.

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