Design of Women's Pants Based on the Pants Silhouettes
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Design of Women's Pants Based on the Pants Silhouettes

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Nowadays, the advancement of fashion in terms of comfort and design has produced a wide variety of designs for women’s pants. Although people look for dresses in which they are comfortable the most, the way they look in their clothes matters the most. So it becomes crucial for a customer to see how the dress looks when they wear it. In simple words, it is the silhouettes of any dress or pants that matters most to the customers. 

Therefore, various fashion brands have worked on their pants pattern to create the perfect outline of their dress. The outlines or silhouettes applied in several pants are so vast that they must be classified into basic categories. 

Categories Of Pants Silhouettes

Categories Of Pants Silhouettes

Pant silhouettes can be classified into six basic types: skinny, slim, classic, regular, straight, loose, and relaxed. These pants patterns give a distinct look to their wearers. 

Skinny Silhouette

Skinny silhouettes are among the tight-fitting silhouettes known to give a skinny look to the wearer from waist to foot. 

Slim Silhouette

This silhouette falls along with the body shape down to the ankle and gets wider at the ankles.

Classic Silhouette

A classic silhouette gives its wearer a slim look at the thighs but straight at the legs. 

Regular Silhouette 

In a regular silhouette, jeans are designed to give shape to the legs without getting too close to them, giving a balanced fit to the wearer.

Straight Silhouette

Straight silhouette pants patterns have a uniform width from things to ankles, making up a loose fit. 

Loose Silhouette

Pants with loose silhouettes fall straight from waist to hip, giving the pants a straight shape. 

Relaxed Silhouette

This pants silhouette has a similar cut throughout its length, with a relatively loose outline to other pants. 

Various Designs Of Women's Pants Based On Pants Silhouettes

Various Designs Of Women's Pants Based On Pants Silhouettes

There are a lot of pants designs available in the market, and all of these have different silhouettes, which makes them unique, and gives a distinct look to the one wearing them. 

Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants got their name from their shape, which resembles the shape of a cigarette. These pants have a slim silhouette and are cut straight from knee to ankle. These pants, when worn, project an hourglass shape and are best suited for athletic body types. 

Straight Pants 

Straight pants are the most common type of pants. Straight pants patterns are cut straight down the leg. The pants pattern follows a straight silhouette, giving it a loose fit with the same width throughout its length from waist to ankle.

Boot Cut Pants

Boot cut pants fit perfectly around the thighs and flares at the bottom. This type of pants is called boot cut because it has flares due to boot cut silhouettes, making them ideal for pairing with boots. 

Bell Bottoms

These pants are similar to boot-cut pants, but the flare in the bell-bottom pants is flared from knees to ankles. These pants are one of the most popular party wear.

Baggy Pants

Baggy pants are known for their comfort and have loose silhouettes. The pants pattern in baggy pants is loose from the hip, and from there, it falls through the leg. 

Punk Pants

Fitted with lots of pockets and sewed with visible stitch lines, these pants are decorative attire, making them ideal for parties. These pants are more popular among the young generation due to their funky look. 

Stirrup Pants 

Stirrup pants are slim pants reinforced with a linking strap, holding the pants like a belt. These pants give legs a refined yet stylish look. 

Skinny Pants

Skinny pants have been in the news for the past decade for their popularity among the youth. This type of pants follows a skinny silhouette known as a tight-fitting silhouette. It is known for its detailed look due to its design close to legs and narrows down at the ankle.  

Slim Pants

Slims pants pattern is cut to fit perfectly on the thighs and bottom. These pants have slim silhouettes, which follow the body’s shape, giving a slim look to the legs. 

Loose Pants

These pants have a loose fit that fits perfectly around the waist, and it falls straight, leaving enough space for your legs. Loose pants are preferred by people looking for clothing options that make them feel comfortable at home but durable and decent enough for outdoor activities.

Bermuda Pants

The Bermuda pants pattern is fairly simple. It has a short leg hem that ends above the wearer’s knee. Moreover, anyone can make Bermuda pants by cutting their jeans at the knees and tying the ends. 

Bush Pants

These pants are very loose and have legs that fall straight from the waist. If someone is looking for more comfortable pants than trousers, bush pants will be the right choice. Bermuda pants are extremely useful, as they are filled with large pockets on both sides. 


Capri is trousers that fall from the waist to the knees and sometimes go to the mid-calf. Furthermore, these pants also have a little flare towards their hem. 

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants follow loose silhouettes and have a straight fit. It also has deep pockets that can store supplies made from durable material, making it ideal for hiking and camping. 

Carpenter Pants 

Carpenter pants are mostly worn as a protective covering over clothes and have a baggy look. However, nowadays, many women are wearing it for casual occasions. 


Chino pants pattern follows a straight cut from a low rise waist. The distinct look of chinos is due to their crisp cut. 


Gaucho is a Spanish version of Capri pants. These pants fall slightly below the thighs and have a wide flare at their bottom, similar to the bell-bottom pants. 

Harem Pants

Harem pants have a silhouette pattern different from modern pants, as it has a low cut in-seam. Its fabric gathers around the waist and thighs and ends with a closed hem around the ankles giving it a tapered look. 


Joggers are extremely comfortable clothes that you can choose to wear anywhere. These pants are equipped with deep pockets, letting the wearer carry around essentials. Joggers have various silhouettes; they can be straight, narrow, or skinny.  


These pants are known for their wide flare, stretching from waist to ankle. This flare gets wider from waist to hem. Due to its wide silhouettes, the palazzo pants pattern is suitable for summers. 

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are one of the recent types of pants that appeared in women’s apparel. These pants have a flared silhouette pattern. The cut of yoga pants closes at the thighs, and the pants flare out till the ankle. 

Pegged Pants

A pegged pant is cut full around the waist and thigh region. These pants look tapered because of gathered hems at the ankle.

All the pants, as mentioned above, have a unique feature, and this uniqueness is due to the difference in their silhouettes. Each of these pants has a different category of buyers, and hence none of the above designs can be ignored by cloth retailers. However, if a cloth retailer cannot sell any of these pants due to their inability to source them, they should contact Fashinza to source apparel. Fashinza is a B2B apparel manufacturing platform. It helps clothing brands to manufacture their collections by connecting them with suppliers.


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