The Rise Of Anti-Fit: Oversized Men's T-Shirt In Gym Wear Make A Comeback
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The Rise Of Anti-Fit: Oversized Men's T-Shirt In Gym Wear Make A Comeback

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Gym wear is the one fashion trend that has been around for the longest time and its evolution has not been limited to the fabrics being used as well as the fit of the outfits. Over the years, gym wear fashion has been limited to experimenting with colors, fabrics, and fits. But this cross-sector convergence has introduced us to the very comfortable oversized men's T-shirt in gym wear.

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During the 1900s, gym wear was limited to athletes, but in the 1960s, the gym-wear fashion industry grew and introduced inclusive gym wear for anyone and everyone. The 1970s introduced us to comfortable gym wear like tracksuits. By the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, we saw gym wear merging with streetwear.

In the past few years, the cross-sector convergence in the fashion industry has given rise to athleisure. Modern-day fashion enthusiasts look for a mix of comfort and fashion. Men's fashion has always been the lesser evolved industry. But with athleisure, men are now going for comfortable fashion including oversized men's T-shirts in gym wear as well as leisurewear.

Since the difference between activewear and casual wear is slowly eroding, it has opened up new opportunities. This has made the men's athleisure fashion industry a booming industry and a lucrative cross-sector opportunity for clothing brands to foray into.

Are Oversized Men's T-Shirts Making A Comeback?

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Of course, they are!

The 2023 athleisure forecast has been all about the anti-fit trend. Oversized T-shirts are owning the men's fashion industry as more and more men pick baggy tees for the gym. We're in a comeback era as retro trends rise up once again and take over the fashion industry. While baggy clothes were once considered old-school, throwback style is gaining momentum as retro reigns supreme.

Why Do Men Prefer Oversized T-Shirts In Gym Wear?

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From the gym to work to casual chill sessions with friends, men are picking oversized T-shirts over anything else. More so because it allows them to look stylish if they want to hit the gym after work or after spending the day playing video games with their friends.

Moreover, finding well-fitted clothes is no easy feat for men. Men's apparel sizing is not very exclusive, especially for men who are well-built. This means that they either have to wear ill-fitted clothes or extremely tight clothes that make bulky men look bulkier.

Further, it makes the top part of their bodies look disproportionate to the rest of their body which, in turn, makes them feel uncomfortable. This is also why men prefer to hide their muscles behind comfortable fashion like oversized men's T-shirts when they hit the gym.

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For men with lean bodies and less built, the lack of muscles can make them feel uncomfortable as they do not fit the societal standards of the ideal body. This is the biggest reason why they lean more toward the oversized T-shirt trend. The oversized T-shirts in gym wear allow them to cover up and obliterate the idea of an exaggerated or built physique even as they hit the gym, whatever the purpose may be.

Having said that, with the rise of anti-fit clothes with leading brands like Balenciaga offering so many options in oversized clothing and celebrities picking comfortable athleisure over fitted clothing, men's sartorial taste has leaned more towards oversized T-shirts.

To add to it, the right fabric in oversized T-shirts can provide more movement and air circulation as well as a luxurious feel with a chic look. This gives the oversized men's T-shirt an edge over fitted tees along with many tangible benefits.

Gain A Competitive Edge In The Athleisure Fashion Industry

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A leading designer, Norma Kamali, led the fashion revolution that popularised oversized clothing in the 1970s and 1980s. But this revolution was led by a fabric-oriented collection. Now, taking into consideration the digital era that we're living in, it is essential that brands not only deliver quality apparel and good fabric but also delivery clothing on time.

So, to keep up with the competition in the fashion industry, it is important for brands to have a fabric-driven approach using sustainable fabric and ethical practices, to go with the woke era considering the rise of sustainable fashion.

In order to achieve all that and gain brand visibility, it's extremely important to have a trustworthy supply chain with ethical sourcing practices considering the rise of sustainable fashion. Apart from this, a unique and smart design, quality fabric, quirky print, reduced waste, the option to customize, and quick delivery are just as important to the consumers.

Your clothing brand needs a supply chain and manufacturer that can provide you with efficient manufacturing support, and help you ethically procure high-quality sustainable fabric. Consult Fashinza to understand how this collaboration can aid the growth of your fashion business by executing your vision with trending designs and styles.

Key Takeaways:

  • The anti-fit trend is back for good, which makes it essential for men's fashion brands to create a collection as per the trend.

  • Oversized men's t-shirts are the need of the hour, but so is sustainable fashion.

  • The athleisure fashion industry is booming with growth opportunities for fashion brands provided they take a fabric-driven approach.

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