Fall 2021 Fashion Trends
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Fall 2021 Fashion Trends

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Fashion is taking a rebound from the loungewear look of 2020 and moving on to bold, powerful silhouettes. As the weather takes the warm hues of autumn, we look at some cheerful looks with a variety of colors, prints, and patterns. The revenge fashion game of fall 2021 fashion trends is all about turning heads on the road but without compromising on comfort. 

We have categorized the fall-winter 2021 fashion trends into three defining characteristics. Understanding these unique factors, we can look at some trendy designs and apparel that have been getting all the likes this season.

  1. Bold & Experimental

What you cannot miss in the fall 2021 fashion trends is the presence of bold and bright colors. The last few seasons have been restricted to soft, somber shades that are soothing to the eyes. But it’s time to move on!

Bold and beautiful colors are back on the shelves, and they are bound to become one of the favorites this season. They are here to bring life and energy to the wardrobe. Having faced a massive pandemic, one cannot shy away from showing all their shades anymore. So, add all the yellows, reds, and oranges to feel the zing of colors this season, and let your fall 2021 fashion collection make some noise!

Fall-winter 2021 fashion trends are also observing an experiment in wardrobe choices with completely new kinds of silhouettes - asymmetrical skirts and tops, deconstruction of the older styles, and a lot of “negative” space to get a brand new perspective. Having experienced a challenging stay-at-home DIY attitude, the new fashion wear embraces comfort alongside challenging the standard fashion norms by questioning the conventional. Get ready to experiment with patchwork, collage art, and mind-boggling prints this season.

  • Statement Jackets
Fall 2021 Fashion Trends

Bold jackets and shackets have become absolute essentials for the fall-winter 2021 fashion trends. Outerwear has gained much popularity because of the way it can instantly transform entire looks. Statement jackets can uplift your entire collection to give a powerful appearance. For example, leather jackets, bombers, and biker jackets can be worn with jeans or dresses to give a sharp, edgy look. Even blazers can give a cleaner and sophisticated look without any effort.

Extra-large or supersized jackets are also an experimental but welcoming new look. Quilted jackets and large bombers can give a smug and packed appearance to tackle the winters in style and comfort.

Shackets or shirt jackets are more casual and comforting and therefore, totally appealing to the fall street fashion. While being flowy, they can be used elegantly for outerwear. The unique silhouette is versatile to go with loose pants and even formal trousers.  

  • Chic Florals

Bright and blushing florals are ruling the fall 2021 fashion trends. While florals are generally associated with summers and springs, one cannot get rid of the bold but comforting allure of flowers as the seasons get colder. Powerful full-sleeved blouses with catchy floral prints can give a defining and classy look. Floral skirts, frocks, and scarves are all in vogue.

Get the inspiration from the Dries Van Noten Chiala rose-print velvet top for a sophisticated and experimental look. Also, check the Adam Lippes flare pants with cotton twill print for an edgy and powerful look.

  1. Utilitarian and Futuristic

The fall-winter 2021 fashion trends are completely about high utilitarian value in clothes. There is no time to waste time with bad-looking clothes but especially no way to deal with clothes that don’t “feel good”. With fashion technology, there are more options for comfortable fabrics that are more accessible than ever now.

Mainstream fashion has also been influenced by the digitally advanced culture of cities and metropolitans all over the world. Clothing represents work life but also homely comfort. The utility value also increases as certain apparel becomes flexible according to the seasons. Unisex clothing has become more popular than ever.

Casual wear is becoming edgier with skirts, tights, blazers, and chic sweaters that are not restricted to the climate. Fabrics are more breathable and adjustable to different body shapes and sizes. Shoes and sneakers have evolved so that you can run, walk, and jump all-in-one. 

Futuristic aesthetics can also be noticed in elements like waterproof lining in jackets, sneakers adapting to more activities, such as hiking, and striking silhouettes inspired by high-tech gears.

  • New Spin on Athleisure
Fall 2021 Fashion Trends

Last year, comforting athleisure and co-ords was the perfect go-to wear for everyone. With fall-winter 2021 fashion trends, you can experiment with an edgy transition with stylish and comforting fabrics. Think about matching tops, bodysuits, and leggings in optic prints and colorful florals. While athleisure has perfectly seeped into workwear and casual streetwear, we notice a ballet-inspired look with flowy skirts and skin-fit apparel.

Unitards, jumpsuits, and onesies are comfortable for every occasion; also perfect for layering in the colder season. The Prada flower jacquard turtleneck with high-waist leggings is the perfect example of eye-popping and futuristic bold.

  • Loose and Baggy Pants

Loose trousers and baggy pants have become fashionable again not only because of their extra comfort value but also because of the way they give a well-finished look. Wide-leg jeans give an elegant, flattering cut in almost every attire- whether it’s a crop top or a long blazer. The recent Milan Fashion Week was flooded with these straight-cut, loose comfy pants and trousers. There is no reason why it does not have to be trendy.

Cargo pants have also been brought back by many influencers and stylists to give striking silhouettes. Flared pants are also observing a subtle revival but comfort is the top priority. No one wants to be awkward and clumsy anymore. The classic denim has also been swamped with striking patterns, bold cuts, and colors. 

  1. Going Back to the Future

As the 20-year cycle rule goes, fashion has a way of coming back. We saw the trend of Y2K fashion in the summers, but now, we also notice a revival of other decades like the 60s and 80s. The nostalgic obsession with prints is coming back whether you talk about florals, wave prints, stripes, or checkerboards. Fashion keeps sliding back on nostalgia but it also innovates to create fresh, peppy looks that may never fade away.

For a classy and flattering look, play with the vintage A-line cuts. Check out some looks from the latest Christian Dior collection. Mini-skirts and puffed sleeves have also been embraced. Satin tops, shirts, and dresses have been a staple this summer. We continue to have these looks with smart jackets and boots to create some elegant silhouettes.

Nostalgia truly has a way of comforting but the new fashion trends are also taking it a notch higher. By making these apparel more versatile and even bolder, vintage trends give a charming and metropolitan appeal to the fall 2021 fashion trends that flaunt many cultures and periods.

Let’s look at some note-worthy fall-winter 2021 fashion trends inspired by comebacks that have been applauded on the ramp as well as casual streetwear fashion.

  • The Classic Sweater
Fall 2021 Fashion Trends

Fall 2021 fashion trends are about versatile, evergreen looks. The sweater is always essential because of its comforting texture and vibrant patterns. Color-blocking and bright shades go perfectly with sweaters. The Stella McCartney Knitted Sweater in neon turquoise gives a comforting but playful look. On the other hand, the color-blocked ribbed-knit sweater by Christopher John Rogers gives a bold and festive appeal.

The knitwear fashion can also be observed with vests and bold cardigans. Knitted vests can be extremely versatile to go with different kinds of looks. Crochet-knit vests and dresses are more versatile for different seasons but give the perfect fall look. Knitted dresses are also highly recommended for the perfect balance of cozy and colorful. They give an elegant but quirky persona that is totally “in” this season.

  • Academia-inspired looks

Think about Oxford shirts, blazers, pleated skirts, loafers, or fitted trousers; academia is flourishing in the fall-winter 2021 fashion trends. The academic look is not restricted to the youth population but to anyone who loves the comforting nostalgia of the trend. These conservative silhouettes ooze a distinct style with neutral prints and perfect shades for the fall.

This is the perfect time to create and experiment with tennis skirts, blazers, rugby shirts, and complimentary neutral prints from the lookbook of Gossip Girls and Clueless. Check the look of Yilan Hua and Nikki Ogunnaike from the Milan Fashion Week of September 2021.

  • Skirts of all Sizes

Skirts have been an absolute hit for the fall 2021 fashion trends. Mini-skirts with large jackets and boots are the new hot look. Denim skirts and plaid skirts are not only nostalgic but also give a refreshing silhouette for casual and formal wear. Long shirts in light material also give a chic new look. The skirt can don many hats depending on the fabric and texture. It is perfect for complementing a stylish top or for a comfortable, layered appearance.

Check the smart blue and white formal look by Candela Pelizza at the Milan Fashion Week. The bold but chic mini-skirt look by Vladislava Evtushenko is also noteworthy.


All in all, we can notice a transition towards comfort and experimentation. The fall-winter 2021 fashion trends are heavily influenced by a metropolitan and global culture that does not want to be restricted in any way. Bold and powerful is a defining motto but the elegant charm of subtle neutrals also doesn’t fade away. Icons like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid can define the arch of this fashion season from edgy metallics to exuberant colors. Moreover, there is also a greater


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