Fashion Trends Forecast 2022: Analysis from Fashion Weeks, WGSN, Pantone and More
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Fashion Trends Forecast 2022: Analysis from Fashion Weeks, WGSN, Pantone and More

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The world took a massive hit with COVID-19. Global news first broke of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic towards the end of 2019, and by the first few months of 2020, the world as we knew it changed. The mask has become a part of our existence over the past two years, and we have become more cautious than ever before, in recent history.

However, what we missed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is now looking us right in the eye: a new decade has begun, and we are already adjusting to the many changes it has brought. We are learning, unlearning and adapting to new ways of existence. Along with this, the world of fashion trends is also back with updates and novel ideas.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdowns, the fashion industry was impacted greatly. Because of the inability to go outside and socialise as was once common, fashion appeared to take the back seat in our lives, for a while at least. The multi-billion Dollar industry had experienced setbacks in the past, and as before, it has always bounced back to its feet. 

Changes in Trends Post-Pandemic

It was essential for the fashion industry to ensure that all measures were adopted to enable the global industry to function as in pre-pandemic days. As the world emerges from a long period of transformation, we are now observing that it is stepping into a new age of fashion and lifestyle. The trend is stuck at a betwixt of loungewear and party wear, and stylists have already incorporated these new trends into their thought-process, which has produced some endearing results. However, are they the fashion for this decade? Only time shall tell.

Straight from the Fashion Weeks of London, Milan, Paris, and New York, this article brings you the fashion trends for 2022. These new and improved Fashion Weeks have seen the potential of some well-established names, and also include some new names to watch out for.

From the world of film, Disney released the fashion-related movie Cruella. Emma Stone, who was marvellous in character, established some bold fashion statements through the frames. This generation looks for that kind of revolution and statement in their dressing - has that been achieved?

Words from the Fashion Director

Fashion Director at Woman & Home, Paula Moore, takes this opportunity to lend some wisdom to the fashion fans this season, in their trends list. 

The trend is to build one's own wardrobe, shop local, stitch and patch, and maintain the factor of being unique in look and show. "The fashion shows are there to inspire you, so take pieces from the looks you like best and weave them into your existing wardrobe subtly at first", says Paula in her effort to inspire her readers.

This year's trends are essentially an expression of our suppressed self through these past two years, overflowing in fabric and colour. We have always witnessed how socio-political and geo-climatic elements manipulate and drive the direction of fashion, and this remains the same for this decade too.

Global trends will provide an opportunity for designers to make a statement about their view of the world around them. This article is just a guide, but inspiration in its true form is out there in the open. But for your convenience, here are the latest fashion trends of 2022! 

Fashion Trends\n
  1. A Color a Piece

The time has come to shine bright. Not matte, not tan, nothing light - but only bright and vibrant colours. Models were spotted setting the ramp on fire and donning top to toe colours that spoke a bold line with each step. They matched accessories with their apparel, but had one constant colour in their entire outfit to shine across the lights.

This year has witnessed the onset of all that shines and makes us stand out. Splashing some of this on the ramp was Versace, Dior and Christian Siriano with their head-turning designs of simple gowns and suits. Colours such as fuchsia pink and Kermit-the-frog green are bright and go with any complexion. Thus, opt to use similar colours that you like. 

If you want to make a fashion statement by creating a unique look, you can opt for fit suits with wide-legged trousers.

  1. Fringes All the Way

Fabric and muslin cut into long strands are never out of fashion. The look often transcends the beaches of California or Bali, with the sunset over one’s shoulder and tumbling down on them - are those fringes. 

The combination of fringe and open space signalled the sanguinity designers are seeking to create in a post-pandemic world - from which we are all stepping out in a mood to celebrate. 

Bella Hadid also wore a fringe dress that exhibited elegance at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week by flaunting her model physique in a dress with tulle fringes that lined the hem.

  1. Shimmer and Glimmer

As the focus is on standing out, glimmer and shine can never be taken out of fashion. Once the preserve of the season, shimmer has yet again been promoted to trends that can be adopted throughout the entire year, and deservedly so. Let shine and glimmer be found within your collection.

While wondering which apparel to create in this style, popular clothing like wide-legged trousers with a blazer make a perfect combination. Or take a slip dress, make the cut-outs of sequin and voila - it will create an entirely new look. 

This year will be a year of strongly-encouraged sparkle! You can try mixing shimmer with your everyday staples. Shimmer is all about drama, therefore you can create big bows and midriff cut-outs to give the perfect look to your apparel.

Fashion Trends\n
  1. Maxi or Mini

The middle road has been faded - it is now a battle of the extremes. In keeping with this trend, the midi skirt did not make the spot this year. Instead, the elegant maxi dress or the sassy and bold mini skirt or mini dress, had the spotlight on them.

If the goal is to stand out amidst the fashion trends of 2022, you can keep things classy and trendy by creating a matching outfit of a skirt, top and coat in etched leather. 

For so long, comfort was the main factor. But now, everyone is in need of a little bit of an escape to feel sexy again and experience the liberating feeling of showing some skin. The mini skirt is back in fashion, and is now shorter than ever. With the micro-mini coming back into the picture, trends include the combination of high knee boots and leather-finish skirts. 

Things had taken a back seat in the race to dress the legs, but apparently, they are just as beautiful bare. Take the suggestions in colours from Maje, Dutti and Stradivarius.

  1. Stripes Again

We may realise that staying within the lines is the motto of this season. Pair stripes and monochrome still rule the fashion world, and you can give it the perfect look by pairing it with matching footwear. Accessories are not the trend this year, and they might be off for a while, so do not use it too much in your creations.

Wide bold stripes took to the ramp and made a gorgeous and bold statement. Whether vertical, horizontal literal, or chevroned in a zigzag pattern, stripes are set to be seen everywhere in 2022. They are a popular trend each season, and 2022 is no exception to that rule. Get into this trend and try experimenting with various stripes which will range from mod zigzags to bold sailor motifs - trends that are on runways worldwide.

Colour Guide from Pantone

The Pantone colour guide for the Autumn/Winter New York Fashion Week showcases bright and bold colours and a tinge of winter bleakness too. Amidst the best are the Lava Falls - bright orange and captivating, Samoan Sun - a bright yellow that shines and illuminates, the Orange Tiger - which glimmers like a beast at night, and Rose Violet - from among the queen of flowers.

To top off the rest of these vibrant colours, a few basic colours were released too, such as Arctic Wolf, Autumn Blonde, Polar Night (which is a dark hue of blue like the night), Loden Frost (which is a light shade of green) and Chiselled Stone.

These are the new and bold styles from the Fashion Weeks of 2022. But, that is not all. These fashion trends are not the end, rather, they are just the beginning to spark and inspire your creative genius. So, make each weave worthwhile and let the magic unleash through the stitches. There is nothing that fashion does not influence, and rest assured, these new trends will give the world the spark and boldness it so deserves.  

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