Most Popular Online Fashion Designing Courses: Free and Paid
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Most Popular Online Fashion Designing Courses: Free and Paid

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Starting a career in the fashion industry is not easy. Fashion experts are very much in demand, and earning a certificate in fashion designing could help kickstart your journey. With several online fashion design courses available, you can enter the world of fashion today itself.

The plethora of available online fashion design courses might look confusing. There are some things you need to consider before you enroll in a fashion course online. 

  1. The Syllabus of the Course - The content of the course gives an idea about what you can expect and helps you determine whether it is the best choice for you.
  2. Reviews On and Off Website - Most courses feature positive reviews and delete the negative ones. You should always read both the on-website and off-website reviews to get an unbiased opinion.
  3. Comparison with Other Courses - The web has plenty of options, and you will easily find similar courses. Compare the syllabus and watch the trial video for both (if provided) before enrolling.
  4. Duration of the Course - Some online courses are pre-recorded and offer lifetime access, whereas others are live classes. Always check the duration of the course and your access to the videos.

We know that the process might be tedious and get overwhelming. Hence, we have considered these points and compiled a list of the best online fashion design courses.

Fashion Premier Academy

Fashion Premier Academy is a premium one-stop solution to learning fashion designing. The Academy is an initiative of Nino Via, a famous fashion designer, and offers courses teaching the basics of fashion designing. The Academy has ten online fashion design courses around the following topics:

  • Draping
  • Sketching
  • Pattern Making
  • Marketing and Branding your Fashion Line
  • Business in the Fashion Industry
  • Collection Development

The best part of the Fashion Premier Academy is that the videos are pre-recorded. Hence, you can learn and complete the course at your own pace. Moreover, the online fashion design courses from the Fashion Premier Academy are regularly updated. The foundational skills help build your brand from the basics and help in starting your fashion brand.

The First Steps of Fashion Design - From Concept to Illustration (Skillshare)

Skillshare has several online fashion design courses with varying skill ranges. The First Steps of Fashion Design is for beginners and helps them learn the basics of fashion designing. Fashion illustration is a key skill that every fashion designer needs to be versed in. Representing your garments quickly, before they are sewn, is important. Your fashion illustration should convey the texture and weight of your fabric. This Skillshare class focuses on teaching you these fashion basics. We suggest this online fashion design course because it requires you to create three fashion illustrations. Hence, you get hands-on practice and can implement the techniques after learning.

IAP Career College’s Fashion Designer Certificate Course

The online fashion design course from IAP helps a beginner learn the skills needed to become a successful fashion designer. The program contains suggested readings from popular textbooks to aid your learning. Moreover, the course teaches what a fashion designer does, the in-demand skills needed for a successful fashion designing career, and how to start a fashion design business. The course also focuses on the marketing aspect of a fashion brand so that you can build grow your fashion business. IAP’s online fashion design course offers a digital Fashion Designer certificate after completion.

Sustainable Fashion by Copenhagen Business School (Coursera)

Just like Skillshare, Coursera has several online fashion design courses, but the Sustainable Fashion Course helps you stay ahead in the fashion industry. Sustainability is the point of focus for several brands in recent times. Few fashion brands work towards sustainability, and learning how to turn your brand sustainable can help you beat the competition. The course focuses on helping you understand and solve the issues that creep in when one tries to create or transition into a sustainable business model. We recommend the Sustainable Fashion Course from Coursera because of the regular quizzes and assignments that help you test your knowledge.

Sew It! Academy

All the online fashion design courses we have talked about offer a concept of what the fashion industry demands. However, the Sew It! Academy focuses on teaching you sewing skills and starts with the fundamentals. This would help you sew your designs and wear them before you venture into opening a fashion brand. The online fashion design courses on Sew It! Academy are detailed and teach techniques like sewing, pattern making, draping, sketching, and fitting. If you are not sure about committing and investing in the academy, you can opt for the free trial.

Online Fashion Designing Courses


These top 5 popular online fashion design courses help provide a good idea of fashion designing and are suited for beginners. It also helps know the relevant industry skills needed for a successful career in fashion designing. We suggest you choose any of the online fashion design courses mentioned in this article.


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