Pantone Green Fashion Inspiration: Three Green Color Trends
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Pantone Green Fashion Inspiration: Three Green Color Trends

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Summary: Shades of green continue to gain traction in the fashion industry. If used judiciously, the color green can help you design a statement collection or a grand range with natural, earthy, flashy, athletic, and luxurious pieces. Broaden your brand's color horizon for 2023 with these shades of Pantone green.

Colors evoke emotions. Psychologically, green is often associated with restoration, prosperity, and growth. The Pantone green color and its variants have made it to the list of the fashion industry’s most appreciated trends since 2019. Designers continue introducing different hues from the runway to the supply lines.

Here's what makes Pantone green such a versatile color:

Green represents a versatile emotional depth

  • Association with nature: Green is a color known to create a connection with mother nature. Due to its earthy appeal, this calm and peaceful color is often associated with sustainability, healing and balance.
  • Fashion that evokes well-being: With fashion brands headed towards sustainability, green is a color that represents an eco-friendly and sustainable approach. The Pantone color can be used to create clothing and accessories that evoke feelings of tranquility and well-being.
  • Gender-neutral color: Green is also a popular choice for gender-neutral clothing, as it can add a soft and soothing touch to designs. It can appeal to people of all genders.
  • Versatile: Green is a unique color that can evoke a multitude of feelings ranging from natural and calm, to hip and frenzied in its flashy neon avatar. Green can also be used in all forms of product ranges including footwear, accessories and makeup. 

Let us now introduce you to the three Pantone green shades that have become the most trending hues from runaway outfits to street fashion. 

Kelly Green (Pantone 16-6138 TCX)

Kelly Green

How do you describe Kelly green? Well, this Pantone green shade is more intense than forest green, deeper than lime, and a tad brighter than emerald. Fashion expert Lucie Clifford recommends kelly green skirt suits, slip dresses, spring coats, knitted co-ords, and knitted skirts.

Initially, Kelly green gained recognition as Bottega Green after its introduction in the Spring/Summer of 2021. Kelly green has since become a trademark color for plush leather bags from Bottega Veneta and other luxury brands. Today, this shade dominates the list of top fashion colors in trend.

Whether it is Versace or H&M, almost every renowned clothing brand has embraced Kelly green in its collections. This hue has also infiltrated countless footwear, eye makeup and accessories collections.

Neon Green (Pantone 802 C)

Neon Green

Neon green is known as the brightest shade of green. This eye-catching hue has repeatedly marked its presence on runways for the last few years. The Neon variant of Pantone green can be used as an accent color or a statement color on clothing and accessories. It is also a popular choice for clubbing and party wear.

Neon green is most famous with athletic brands like Nike who use this color to bring out a stunning range of workout clothing, running shoes, and accessories. Neon adds a pop of color to create a fresh, modern look. This hue adds a bold, unisex touch to any design, making it a great choice for gender-neutral athletic clothing.

Pro tip: Neon green can be a difficult color to work with. So, you can use it in combination with other colors to create a more balanced and statement look. 

LoveBird Green (Pantone 13-0443 TCX)

LoveBird Green

Pantone LoveBird green is a soft, muted shade of green that is often described as having a calm and soothing quality. It can be used as a neutral color in clothing and accessories, such as a blouse or a pair of pants.

The earthy tone of this hue compliments colors such as beige, brown, and taupe, which are good for a natural and organic look. For this very reason, LoveBird green can be used to create nature-inspired clothing such as a flowy dress with a print of foliage or a bag with a floral pattern.

LoveBird green is a popular choice for spring and summer collections, as it can add a fresh and light touch to clothing. It can be used in minimalist fashion, where it can add a subtle touch of color to simple, monochromatic and clean designs.

Fendi and Versace have used Pantone LoveBird green for their new collections. It now features among the top colors for spring-summer fashion in 2023.


Pantone green hues have become an industry benchmark for exclusivity and versatility. While several key Pantone green shades are popular in the fashion industry, the three that made it to the headlines are Kelly Green, Neon Green and LoveBird green. Other popular shades on the designer palette are classic Pantone green and Andean Toucan. You can use these colors to make your spring/summer collection more trendy and saleable.  

Key Takeaways 

  • Green is a gender-neutral and versatile color that can evoke calming emotions in your customers' minds. 
  • The three Pantone green shades that have become designers' favorites are Kelly Green, LoveBird Green and Neon Green. 
  • These shades of green are perfect for accents and statement pieces. 
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