Plus Size Fashion And Its Growing Importance
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Plus Size Fashion And Its Growing Importance

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For a millennium, women have been conformed to certain beauty standards and size stereotypes that have contorted how people perceive beauty. 

Thankfully, gone are the times when women who didn't fit into these norms were insulted and body-shamed. Now, people are openly challenging stereotypes and coming out to accept and support all shapes and sizes of beauty.

The Rise of Plus-Size Fashion

The self-acceptance of women with curvier bodies has brought about revolutionary changes in the fashion industry. Increasing interest and support for body positivity has propelled plus size fashion towards popularity. Plus-size fashion has provided curvier women with the freedom to adorn any type of clothing and feel comfortable while doing so.

Plus Size Fashion and the Industry Involvement

Plus Size Fashion and the Industry Involvement

Plus-size fashion has grown enough to impact mainstream trends. As a result, fast-fashion brands like H&M, Forever 21, and others have broadened their size range.  

Some time ago, Mango, too, embarked on its exclusive plus-size brand, Violeta, which has stylish garments from size 12 to 30. Asos has put forward Asos Curve, which has a heterogeneous collection ranging from daily wears and lingerie to bridal dresses procurable in sizes up to 34. 

Besides fashion brands, ramps are also embracing this wave of body positivity by encouraging plus-size models like Ashley Graham (Fendi) and Jill Kortleve (Chanel Spring/ Summer 2021 collection). A study has stated that over 60% of the women in the US use a size above 14. This means that the present is the best moment to cultivate the plus-size fashion sector for your apparel label.

Big is beautiful. But for decades, plus-size fashion has been the most overlooked, with only a few nameless companies manufacturing fashion clothes for this section. Although the plus-size section in India alone is valuated to have around $5-6 billion in demand by 2020, only a few notable brands have come forward in the last few decades. 

In India, this section is slowly developing. Plus-size fashion is still largely overlooked in fashion, with even the meager plus-size designs promoted and retailed through skinny models. 

Thankfully, a new class of online retailers is currently challenging traditional brands in plus-size fashion. From plain Kurtis and ethnic Indian wear to now trending western clothes, the plus-size section has walked a long way.

Importance Of Plus Size Fashion

According to a study, the plus-size category accounted for about $5-6 billion demands by 2020. The attention and importance of plus-size garments have increased extensively over time. 

During an interview, the Sr. Vice President (Marketing) of Lifestyle International emphasized the importance of the plus-size category and stated that the plus-size fashion section has immense demand but is still under-serviced. Their plus-size brand, Nexus, addresses the growing sector and offers contemporary fashion choices. The collection is trendy, inspired, and embodies the belief that fashion isn't limited.

Social media pressure

Experts say this change can also be the result of a positive social impact. Plus-size fashion is a swift-growing section in the west. More than half of the women between the ages of 18 and 65 wear a size 14 or more. Women are fighting back against body shamers on social media more than ever. They may have also inspired retailers and carved room for a plus-size category in fashion.

Pressure from society and peers

In society, when a dress doesn't fit, the first thing that comes to mind is that the body is imperfect. Plus-sized women go through a lot of bad stations while shopping and are constantly rejected by their clothing offerings. 

Many plus-sized people also face bullying at work, in the family, or on social media. People have a definite beauty standard regarding skin color, body weight, hair length, hair texture, and numerous further. 

A lot of impacts occurs due to this, which affects internal and physical health, so plus-sized fashion is veritably important to inspire those people and too apprehensive them that there's nothing wrong in being else-sized, thanks to the plus-sized fashion influencers in India for initiating the change and spreading a lot of positivity among society.

Body shaming and bullying

Occasionally body shaming and bullying result in eating diseases like anorexia which is a preoccupation to lose weight according to a conventional setup. It's high time for fashion icons to use the power of social media platforms to promote body positivity. There are very few fashion brands in India with an extensive plus-size fashion range. Every fashion and lingerie brand must have a separate section for plus-sized women to enhance their brand name and perform their corporate responsibility.

Inclusion is a must

Inclusion is a must

Inclusivity is also a hallmark of millennial culture, so youngish contrivers like Siriano want to cater to different body shapes. The addition of larger sizes has indeed reached niche requests, similar to lingerie and activewear. Nike and Fabletics, for illustration, now vend plus-size athleisure particulars.

Economic factors

In addition to culture, the cost may be a reason why some brands won't offer extended sizes. It may cost more to produce patterns beyond the sample size or to adjust sleeves or skirt length to accommodate fuller numbers. But fashion experts anticipate that technology will help alleviate those costs in the future.

High Fashion Involvement 

The increase in sales of plus-size garments has brought the eyes of a lot of high fashion brands onto this sector. This has resulted in incredible trends in plus-size fashion. It has also increased the number of plus-size models being hired in the modeling industry. These models are gathering a stepwise growth in popularity and challenging conventional beauty norms across the country.


Suppression and destructive degradation of women's outward appearance are finally nearing their end with the new age of body-positive plus-size fashion. Women with plus-size are no longer venturing into the men's section as a last resort. New companies have come up with exclusive lines in all sizes, fueling the idea that beauty comes in all sizes. 

People have actively come forth to show their support for plus-size fashion, which has ignited a rise in the economic gravity of this section. This small change in fashion has brought out a huge impact on many people's lives. At Fashinza, you can find manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers who deal in plus-size fashion. Plus-size fashion makes the wearer feel included, sexy and comfortable in their body, which was previously an obstacle. 


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