The Greatest ’90s Fashion Trends, still trending today
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The Greatest ’90s Fashion Trends, still trending today

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Summary: The 1990s was a decade of many iconic fashion changes, and it is no surprise that it is influencing the fashion industry today. Here are all brands and designers need to know to embrace the vibe and meet the demands of 2022-23 styles.

The 1990s were a decade of bold fashion statements and eclectic styles. From grunge and hip-hop to girl power and minimalism, the '90s fashion saw the emergence of many iconic fashion trends that have stood the test of time and continue to influence fashion today.

The 90s was a decade that saw the emergence of many iconic fashion trends that are still popular. High-waisted jeans, characterized by their high rise and straight or flared leg, were a popular choice in 90s fashion and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Crop tops, which were shorter than traditional tops and often stopped just above the belly button, were another staple of 90s fashion and were often worn with high-waisted jeans to balance out the proportions of the outfit. 

90s Grunge fashion, popularized by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, was a major influence in the decade and was characterized by a laid-back, rebellious attitude. Tracksuits, especially those made of shiny, synthetic materials, were another big trend in the 90s and were frequently worn as casual, everyday attire or as part of an activewear look. 

Doc Martens, the chunky, sturdy boots known for their durability and distinctive style, were a popular choice of footwear in the 90s. They were often worn by those who embraced the grunge look. Chokers, necklaces made of thin, flexible material that fits snugly around the neck, were a popular accessory in the 90s and came in a variety of styles. Brands and designers should tap into these key elements of 90s fashion that continue to influence fashion and are making a comeback in 2022-23.

Elements of 90s fashion

Which are some 90s fashion trends to tap into?

The fluid decade saw many changing trends throughout the years. It was the time of plaid flannel shirts, bomber jackets, and slip dresses. Many 90s fashion trends have stayed with us through the years, but designers and brands looking to recreate the best of these in the most contemporary way should tap into the following:


Grunge, a subculture that originated in the Pacific Northwest in the mid-'80s, became mainstream in the '90s with the rise of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The 90s grunge fashion aesthetic was characterized by an anti-establishment attitude, an embrace of counterculture, and a casual, relaxed style that favored flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and chunky boots. 90s Grunge fashion is still a popular style today, with many fashion brands incorporating elements of grunge into their collections.

Hip hop

Hip hop

Hip-hop culture, with its roots in African American and Latino communities in the Bronx, major influenced '90s fashion. The hip-hop look was all about oversized clothing, baggy jeans, and bold, graphic prints. Today, hip-hop fashion is still going strong, with many brands drawing inspiration from the genre's signature style.


The '90s fashion saw the rise of sportswear as everyday fashion, with brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok becoming household names. The sporty look, characterized by athletic wear like tracksuits, windbreakers, and sneakers, was flaunted by celebrities like Madonna, who incorporated sportswear into her iconic music videos and performances. Today, sportswear is an integral part of the fashion landscape, with many designers using athletic-inspired elements in their collections.

Girl power

90s fashion was also a time of empowerment for women, with the emergence of the girl power movement. This trend was reflected in fashion through the use of bold, bright colors, playful prints, and feminine details like frills and lace. Girl power fashion is still going strong today, with many designers embracing a feminine aesthetic in their collections.


In contrast to the bold, flashy styles of the '80s, 90s fashion saw the emergence of minimalism as a fashion trend. This style was characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and a focus on quality over quantity. Minimalism is still a popular aesthetic today, with many brands embracing a stripped-down, streamlined look.



Denim was a staple of '90s fashion, with the decade seeing the rise of a wide range of denim styles, from mom jeans to low-rise jeans. Today, denim is still a go-to fabric for many fashion brands, with designers incorporating it into everything from jeans and jackets to dresses and skirts.


The '90s also saw the rise of streetwear as a fashion trend, with brands like Supreme and Stüssy leading the way. Streetwear, which originated in the skate and hip-hop cultures of the '80s, is characterized by casual, comfortable clothing like hoodies, t-shirts, and sneakers. Today, streetwear is a major force in the fashion industry, with many brands drawing inspiration from its laid-back, urban aesthetic.

Are you going the 90s fashion way?

Celebrities and pop icons marked the shift from the flashy, ‘everything big’ fashion of the 1980s to the streetwear-style, minimalist 90s fashion. Trends like 90s grunge fashion, hip-hop style, sportswear, and minimalism are still popular today. Brands can do well taping into these trends to create bestselling outfits suited to the current aesthetic.  

Key Takeaways

  • The 1990s saw the emergence of many iconic fashion trends that continue to influence fashion, including grunge, hip hop, sportswear, girl power, and minimalism
  • Manufacturers and designers can tap into these 90s fashion trends by incorporating elements like high-waisted jeans, crop tops, flannel shirts, ripped jeans, tracksuits, Doc Martens, chokers, and fanny packs into their collections. These items can be combined with contemporary styles to create a modern, 90s-inspired look

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