Things You Need To Consider When Planning A Women's Apparel Collection.
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Things You Need To Consider When Planning A Women's Apparel Collection.

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Designing an apparel requires several considerations. From the market to individuals, the factors are wide ranging. However, it begins with a cohesive vision, a clear cut idea about what to create. This vision is to be guided by the following factors :

Target Definition

Making up a Target Definition is important and for that is necessary to know the profile of the consumer and the central concept of collection. This knowledge can be based on the following data: 

The season : Spring or Summer, Fall or Winter. The brand may also consider the mini-collections dedicated exclusively to special dates such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.

Type of market : The Income-Sensitive Marketing. It will allow the manufacturers to target consumers based on their specific income or financial situation. This is a strategy that will guide the prices of the products. 

Product Type : Casual, Sportswear, Jeanswear, Brides, Lingerie, Beachwear, etc. 


Seasonal considerations may sometimes influence the designing of a woman’s apparel. Some seasons are heavy on decorative details and trims, and other seasons are without adornment. The changes from one season to another on decorative and structural details should be monitored closely. Structural design is far more important than decorative design since every garment has it, while decorative design may or may not be added.

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Knowledge of the Trend

Analysing the current fashion trend is an important step while designing apparels for women. The knowledge for the latest trends would help the brands and manufacturers to upgrade their fashion collection. The designers too need to upgrade their skills according to the rolling fashion trends.

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Choosing the Right Colour

While this may be a free topic for the designers, a general analysis of the ‘most preferred’ choice can build a favourable business strategy. For example if a pink scarf is what most women are looking for at stores then the colour pink while designing a scarf should always be a go to choice. Variety is another factor while choosing colours. A fashion collection needs to cater to many different choices of women.

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A fashion collection must address the needs of ALL women. The diversity with respect to ethnicity, body shape, race and color  needs to be brought into the designing plans. A brand, inclined to represent women from different backgrounds, succeeds in making the customers happy. This only helps expand the consumer base.

Women's Apparel

Choice of Fabric

Choosing the fabric depends on the context and season of wearing the dress. A detailed market analysis would give the manufacturer an idea about the preferences of women for any particular fabric. Some brands have geared towards launching Outdoor-Focused ATG Line for Women, keeping their special needs in mind. Cotton is preferable in summer and evening wear requires silk or satin.


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