Top 80s Fashion Trends that are in Demand in 2023
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Top 80s Fashion Trends that are in Demand in 2023

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Summary: The fashion of the 80s was all about bright colors, polka dots, shimmer, and sequins. It was also the time of shoulder pads and oversized power suits. Even today, designers and brands are using these 1980-style clothes to amp up their latest collections in 2023.

Fashion trends are cyclical, and sometimes, end up surprising you. What was once considered tacky can become the most popular style on the runway. In recent years, we have witnessed a lot of 1980-style clothes making their way back into contemporary fashion. As fashion brands and designers recycle, redesign, and reimagine old fashion trends, 1980s-inspired styles like low-rise jeans, polka dots, punk, and denim fashion are a part of various 2023 collections. 

In fashion, the 80s were all about bold, vibrant, and out-of-the-blue outfits, with everything signaling "more!" The 80s era was all about materialism, leading to the showing off of logos and designer labels, and there was no space for minimalism. In terms of the 80s fashion revival, we can look forward to some iconic styles and favorite nostalgic fashion clothes taking a modern spin in 2023. From fun accessories to bold and splashy fabrics, 2023 fashion will see a lot of 80s essence. 

1. Oversized blazers and power suits 

Oversized blazers

The 80s power suits were more than just a fashion statement - it was a feeling of empowerment, of conquering the world! As more and more women were entering into corporate and businesses traditionally dominated by men, oversized blazers and power suits became hugely popular in 1980-style clothes for women. 

The signature cut and padded shoulders in these power suits give them a more feminine look while furthering the idea of power dressing. Loose-fitted clothes became a fun way to dress up in gender-neutral clothing with casual outfits.

While these styles have made appearances in previous years, 2023 fashion sees them in a different light. Padded power suits and oversized blazers are now worn by all genders, as seen during Fall 2022 fashion runways. Icons like Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Timothee Chalamet are often seen wearing oversized blazers and power suits. 

2. Metallic fabrics

Metallic fabrics

Metallic fashion pieces were one of the many flashy looks that trended in the 80s. These consisted of robotic styles, small metallic details, or entire looks in silver. With social media influencers pushing it forward, metallic has already been trending for a few seasons. 

Designers can incorporate metallic trends in their collections with solid statement pieces like metallic boots, silver pants, silver dresses, and much more.

In 2023, 1980-style clothes featuring metallic work will be reimagined as flowy skirts, in sequins and new-age fabrics like metallic chenille. Look up designs by Brandon Maxwell and Jil Sander, who incorporated this shimmery style in their Spring 2023 lines.

3. All things acid washed

acid washed

Acid-washed denim, which was all the rage in the 1980s, is all set to make a comeback in 2023. Designers can use acid-washed denim to create outfits in both bold and subtle styles. They can ise it for jeans, jackets, midi denim skirts, and dresses for their latest collection. Tim Kaeding, the creative director of MOTHER Denim says, “People want to have fun with the way they dress again and acid-washed denim is a great way to do that."

To add acid-washed outfits to your brand, opt for bold colors and matching sets instead of sticking to regular indigo hues.

4. Bold and bright colors 

bright colors

Fashion from the 1980s is anything but subtle. Outfits back then flaunted bright and neon colors, which are also returning to rule styles in 2023. For your 80s-inspired line, use a smattering of bold colors across the entire outfit. In 2022, neon pink was the hottest color and other neons are expected to follow suit in 2023. We have seen a monochromatic trend on runways for a few years now, and it isn't going anywhere. 

Pantone Color Institute has forecasted that color trends in 2023 will majorly focus on individualism. Some of the hues to take over this season include deep fuchsia, rich orange, and bright yellow. This year is all about trying something new and exciting.

5. Polka dots

Polka dots

From pop artists to royalty, this one was a hot favorite and a constant fixture in all 1980-style clothes. The trend of polka dots took off in 1985 when fashion house Emanuel Ungaro featured these dots in their ready-to-wear collection. The greatest style icon back then, Princess Diana was often seen wearing polka-dotted shirts and dresses. 

According to fashion police, polka dots will make a comeback this season in slip dresses, tops, and skirts. Vogue also reported that this 80s trend is making a big resurgence with many designers bringing dots back into their collections.

The vibrant 80s and now

1980-style clothes were all flashy and trendy with polka dots, metallic fabrics, acid denim, sequins, oversized blazers, and much more. These iconic trends were set by celebrities like Michael Jackson, Brooke Shields, Grace Jones, and Madonna. Now brands are looking back at the glam 80s and reimagining their whole collections on ideas from old treasures.

If you want to enhance your collection with some 80s vibe and 1980s-style clothes, Fashinza is here to help! The AI-powered platform can connect you with reliable manufacturers and suppliers to create the perfect 80s-inspired apparel collection. 

Key Takeaways

  • Fashion in the 1980s was all about dressing bold and casually.
  • The 1980s style clothes carry the whole maximal fashion vibe.
  • Now, brands are returning to the 80s to incorporate styles like polka dots, acid-washed denim, bold and neon colors, and more.

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