What the Fashion Experts Say About the Upcoming Hoodies Trend
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What the Fashion Experts Say About the Upcoming Hoodies Trend

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Gone are the days when Hoodies were taken out of our cupboards just in winters. Now this cozy and warm clothing piece is worn all throughout the year. The major credit goes to the worldwide pandemic that people started to prioritize comfort over style and then gradually started to correlate the two by finding ways to style the Hoodie. From celebrities like Justin Bieber and Shahid Kapoor to fashion brands such as Bhane and Lululemon, they have taken the fashion game with Hoodie way higher. 

Hoodies have become a staple of the modern wardrobe, and they’re not going away anytime soon. This classic piece of clothing is not only for lazing around the house anymore. They are remarkably adaptable and can be worn in a variety of ways. In the winter, layer a hoodie under a striking coat to remain warm, use a hoodie to balance off a pair of statement jeans or combine it with a smart blazer. The list is endless.

Not only are they in trend right now, but also they look fashionable and cool. Hoodies simply create an eye-catching look with so many hues and designs available in the collection. They are relatively cost-effective. Washing, maintaining, and having a hoodie that lasts long is also very easy. Hoodie, in a way, is a blessing in disguise because no one wants to wash and worry so much about clothes when working from home.

Hoodies- The comfort clothing piece

Hoodies- The comfort clothing piece

If it were any less famous before, the semi-formal dressing in work from home setting has made Athleisure one of the most popular forms of style now. As the name suggests, athleisure is a hybrid clothing style that can be worn in athletic settings as well as for leisure or even the workplace. Hoodies are a staple piece of clothing for such a wardrobe. Comfort Dressing, as the Fashion Experts call it, has also made Hoodies trendy

According to Esha Amiin, a stylist, Hoodies have finally become more of a style statement. Pair it with shorts, layer it with shirts, or just the Hoodie alone. It makes it look like you made an effort effortlessly. Even James Jee, Head of Menswear at Jaeger, shares his thoughts about the evolution of Hoodies trend with years. Now more than it being a baggy and oversized piece, Hoodies have a fit that makes it look sharper, cleaner, and of higher quality.

Hoodie Trend in 2021

Let us take a look at all the Hoodies Trends in 2021. As unisex clothing has come into fashion, it is observed that men’s clothing has become synonymous with comfort. Trendy Hoodies for men include Athletic Hoodie, Knit Hoodie, Baja Hoodie, Sleeveless Hoodie, Fleece Hoodie, Flannel Button-Up Hoodie, etc. These once trendy hoodies for men now have taken over the corporate meeting attire, brunch dresses, casual catchup with friends, and many more places. 

One step that brought a revolution in the fashion industry was the Vetements Phenomenon. The credit of fashion ramps recognizing, representing, and appreciating hoodie trends also goes to Vetments Phenomenon. The iconic pullover hoodie on a fashion show was a step by Maison Margelia and Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton in 2014. This made this trend go from a niche style to become a mainstream trend. Fashion influencers, content creators, magazines are now filled with articles like “Ten ways to style a Hoodie,” “How to become a style icon in just one piece,” and “20 Street Style-Approved Ways to Wear a Hoodie”. 

How Hoodies have evolved now

How Hoodies have evolved now

This hoodie trend is also an example of how some of the best fashion trends are already in your closet. This pandemic really gave us a reality check in terms of our styling. Even though all of us had cute skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, etc., in our cupboards, only the sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and pajamas were worn. In the hundreds of blogs, fashion experts have not only appreciated the Hoodies Trend but also have given some fabulous suggestions of styling in the Hoodie Trend 2021. Some of them include Shearling Jacket With Hoodie, Leather Jacket With Hoodie, Biker Shorts with Hoodie, etc. 

Fashion experts claim in unison that, unlike other trends that lose their thunder in just a couple of months, the hoodie trend is here to stay. So, next time you visit a shopping store (or your favorite shopping app), make sure to scroll through the Hoodie section as well so that neither your comfort nor style is compromised. 


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