How Can I Buy Designer Fabric By The Yard? Buy From Fashinza!

How Can I Buy Designer Fabric By The Yard? Buy From Fashinza!

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Almost all designers and apparel manufacturers try to buy their fabrics by the yard. Sure, this expression does seem to be a trifle confusing. However, it helps to know that it means sourcing something in bulk. The top designers and fabric buyers have to use huge quantities of material to create fantastic apparel. Buying them in bulk seems to be the right way to go about it. Designer fabric by the yard is an expression that is in vogue with both the buyer and seller being comfortable in using it frequently.

The prospect of sourcing a huge amount of basic fabric is not too challenging either. On the contrary, the concerned designer must weigh the pros and cons of sourcing the right material from a wholesaler or opt for a retailer, who may have to send out additional quantities. Buying it by the yard is the accepted policy for most of the top designers, as the sheer amount of materials enables them to experiment freely when trying to decide on the cut and look.

The purchase should never be done in a hurry, however. It is always advisable to bide one’s time and check out the reputation of the seller before going ahead with the procedure. Some of the things that need to be considered carefully before finalizing the purchase of fabric by the yard must include the following aspects:-


The primary purpose of buying fabric from the yard is to cut the cost. A manufacturer or designer of apparel would want to have ensured profits. Obtaining it at cost-effective rates can make a huge difference when it comes to profitability. Visiting a wholesaler is the right thing to do, as it helps one to source a huge quantity in one go. The seller would have no qualms in providing the right amount of material as it guarantees the sale.

The final price is certain to come down depending on the quality and quantity of the materials. Moreover, the wholesaler would be pleased to offer it at discounted rates more often than not. The final pricing would be cheaper for every meter of fabric. That is a huge plus as the cost factor trickles down to the final garment, leaving the customers satisfied with the cost of the item too.

Knowledge about the Industry

Designer Fabric By The Yard\n

The top wholesalers who deal with fabric every single day are definite to be a storehouse of knowledge. Designers and manufacturers often learn new things about the concerned fabric, with many sellers regaling them with interesting anecdotes about the use of the fabric too. Inside knowledge about the industry is often shared by the sellers, who are aware of what works and what does not at present. Besides, one gains insight related to the trends of the industry and future economic gains. Making an informed decision based on the facts is a sure-shot way of ensuring profitability.

 Again, it is important for the said manufacturer and/or designer to understand that the wholesaler is hoping to make a profit too. Their understanding of a particular fabric and its dominance in the garment industry is likely to be based on the truth. Sourcing the fabric from a wholesaler who is aware of how the industry works can help the designer obtain the best deal possible. The affordable cost has a domino effect on the customer, who is sure to be pleased to buy apparel made out of premium fabric without paying a huge amount.

Fabric Variety

All entities who are hopeful of sourcing fabric in bulk are assured of looking at a wide variety of fabrics when they decide to visit the wholesaler directly. Finding every kind of fabric in one place makes it easier for the designers to place orders and be assured of timely delivery. Researching the quality of a new fabric or its acceptability by the industry becomes redundant as the wholesaler is a storehouse of knowledge that he/she is willing to share.

Furthermore, trusting the new fabrics becomes easier as the customers are sure to accept the latest fabrics that have had a positive impact on the market. Another key reason for the designers to opt for fabrics by the yard is the replenishment of stocks. Old-timers who have made their name as wholesalers of quality fabrics are reluctant to clear out the entire stock. Most of them keep the stock ready and available for valuable customers who do not have to order from multiple sources.


Top designers and manufacturers of fashion apparel may be hard-pressed for a time when trying to source fabrics of high quality. Buying in bulk is the only option for a majority of designers, as going from one retails shop to another retail shop to source a huge quantity of identical fabric is impossible. Besides, all the fabric sourced from different retailers would not be identical in quality. It is important to ensure both quality and quantity simultaneously, and only the top sources providing the best wholesale fabrics would fit the bill.

Business Relationship

Stores selling fabrics by the yard are on a constant lookout for buyers who prefer to buy in bulk. This makes their task of displaying fabric easier and supplying the order simpler as well.  Most wholesalers are eager to form a good relationship with their priced customers, who are certain to order in bulk. This helps them to ensure repeat orders with the sale of the products guaranteed.

The designer is definite to find the relationship beneficial too. Negotiating the price of a particular product becomes acceptable when the wholesaler has a guarantee of selling a large quantity of material in one go. The designer is likely to be offered better payment terms alongside. Immediate payment or paying for the entire supply is relaxed, making the deal mutually beneficial.


Designer Fabric By The Yard\n

Visiting the wholesaler is now reluctant. Instead, the concerned designer can contact the seller directly and inquire about the fabrics. Showcasing the fabric is easy at present via technology. One can display the coveted fabrics by commencing a video call. The price of a particular item is finalized speedily, while the fabrics get delivered right to the doorstep of the designer within the shortest possible time. Payment is made electronically as well. This is the accepted way of conducting B2B operations at present that promises to be convenient and less time-consuming.

One of the best options to buy fabric by the yard is to contact Fashinza, a unique B2B apparel manufacturing platform. Being deflected from the objective would not do either. Instead, it is important to remain focussed and then try to find the right fabric that can be bought affordably in bulk. The image of the final product must be kept alive in mind while trying to choose between fabrics of all colours and textures. Some of the considerations that can affect the designing process and impact the business must include the following:-

  • Weight- The designer should be aware of the GSM of the fabric before deciding in its favour. The thickness of the fabric can be determined by measuring the grams per square meter. One can thus choose the right fabric for creating lightweight or heavyweight clothing.
  • Stretch- Another property that bears thinking about is the elasticity of the fabric. A cloth that stretches can be used to create certain types of clothing, while it may not be as effective for formal wear. One may try to pull the fabric to find out how far it can be stretched. Conversely, asking for the elasticity will help one obtain the desired fabric when buying online.
  • Drape- A fabric that flows is most desirable today. Perfect for creating casual wear, this kind of fabric can be designed to conceal the flaws in one’s body. A new designer may feel confused by the specialized terms and is likely to mistake the weight of the fabric for its drape. It is important to clear all doubts before paying for a piece of fabric though. A thin skirt or billowing dress will be aptly designed by the usage of more drape whilst a structured and layered skirt may be kept in place by a fabric of considerably less drape.
  • Durability- Admittedly, the classic fabrics and the most admired ones are not known to last for years. Yet, a thin and showy fabric can be reinforced with a fabric of superior quality that is expected to last for a long time when handled properly. A seasoned designer is sure to ask for a durable fabric when sourcing something as flimsy as lace.

Use Fashinza to source the right fabric without compromising on the goals. The entire process from placing the order to tacking it through the stages and having it delivered at the doorstep is done without any part left out. Fashinza is a single-stop manufacturing platform that serves all manufacturers, retailers, designers, and store owners admirably. It is time to forget the old, painstaking method of visiting wholesalers when it is time to buy designer fabric by the yard.

Fashinza provides the perfect solution. Check it out NOW!


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