List of 10 Activewear Manufacturers from around the World

List of 10 Activewear Manufacturers from around the World

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Activewear includes a wide variety of sportswear for fitness enthusiasts. These products include T-shirts, shorts, leggings, tank tops, joggers, sports jackets, hoodies, etc. Activewear manufacturers produce all types of fitness apparel. Each segment is unique in a particular type of fabric and popular apparel. There are many famous activewear manufacturers worldwide. Activewear manufacturers offer kinds of fabric, dyeing and embroidery for different prints in activewear. 

The popularity and production of activewear have increased over the past decades because people have become more conscious about their health and fitness. Here is a list of the top 10 activewear manufacturers worldwide. 

1. CMA Ethical Manfacturing

This is one of the most famous activewear manufacturers, which has many best-rated fabrics from all over the world. Sportswear from CTA Ethical Manufacturing offers more than 1000 kinds of fabrics. There is no risk of design theft. All the apparel manufactured by CTA ethical manufacturing is of high quality. They are well known for their mass production and also conduct equity checks at every step. They produce all the packaging, labels, and tags too. They offer secure and fast shipping to anywhere all over the world. They offer door-to-door shipping worldwide. All the stitching, sewing, dyeing, and printing processes are highly maintained, keeping in mind the sustainable processes and measures. 

2. Hingto Sportswear Co

Hingto Sportswear Co is one of the most popular manufacturers of men’s activewear. They have high-quality fitness wear for men who are very devoted to their health and fitness. They are known for their best custom-designed activewear. They manufacture all kinds of apparel, including tracksuits, shorts, tanks, jackets, tees, swimwear, and more. Their activewear is no doubt long-lasting, durable, and made up of high-quality materials. They are not only great for working out but also the best in looks too. They also offer a great deal of comfort. All the products are available in every size, which will be the best fit for the customer. Hingto sportswear has over ten years of experience. All the unique styles and patterns are available, which can be turned into the best custom-made apparel for men and women in fitness.


FUSH is well known as a custom activewear manufacturer. They manufacture one of the topmost ethical sportswear. They had their name since 2005 when they started to manufacture custom clothing for gyms. All the apparel is made of sustainable fabrics. Their top-notch products are known worldwide. They offer customisation of sportswear like tanks, shorts, swimwear, jackets, tees, and tracksuits. They have the best machines for sewing and embroidery. The shipping process starts as soon as the product is finally made. The delivery is from the manufacturer to the customer’s door. All the processes and custom-made activewear are designed by keeping in touch with the client.   

4. NG Apparels

NG Apparels

NG Apparels is well known as a clothing and activewear manufacturer. They will create high-quality custom sportswear. They offer the exceptional qualities of the certified fabric. They produce and send the sportswear for shipping on time. They are ethical activewear producers who make sure that all the garments are produced under fair trade guidelines. Many trusted clothing brands, such as Bulgaria, Carrefour, Honor, Nordstrom, Drip Glore, etc., sell their sportswear produced by NG apparel. The client chooses all the fibres and patterns. Authentic activewear apparel by NG apparel is manufactured by keeping the needs and preferences of the client as their priority. Each of their products has durable fabrics with all the patterns in trend.    

5. Dongguan Baiao Industrial

Dongguan Baiao Industrial is a well-known activewear manufacturer established in 2016 in China. By manufacturing this activewear and sportswear, they have an output annually of more than 20 million USD. They export their apparel to all parts of the world, including Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America. They produce high-quality products which are strictly guaranteed by 100% inspection of quality control. Some popular products include training shorts, tank tops, sports bras, yoga wear, sports shoes, sweatsuits for gyms, dry-fit t-shirts, and many more. All the apparel is made to keep the body cool and sweat-free during heavy workouts.

5. 4U Sports 

4U Sports is an activewear manufacturer which produces and exports its products worldwide. Best raw materials are available for the production and supply chains. They have at least 200 pieces of clothing products per product, design and style. Many of their popular products include fitness shorts, trousers, sleeves, arm guards, waist guards, tracksuits, pants for yoga, women’s activewear, men’s activewear t-shirts and many more. 4U sports is certified by ISO 9001. This company has a very impressive clientele and manufactures activewear. They are trusted by many brands, which often approach them to manufacture their fitness wear.

6. BHL Sports

BHL Sports is one of the most popular activewear manufacturers in Pakistan. It is known for serving many different clients from all over the world. They have got many positive reviews from Panther GK, Mango Nations, Stylo matchmakers, Harps and many other brands. They manufacture their products while keeping the best check on their quality. Sportswear by BHL sports is very attractive as well as durable. Many of their well-known products include tracksuits, knee wear, gym wear, caps and hats, yoga wear, etc. Quality checks are done at every step to ensure the high quality of the product.

7. Taeco Vietnam

Taco Vietnam company is one of the most popular and finest activewear manufacturers, which is known all over the world. The major regions where the products of this company are exported are the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and many more. It is a well-reputed company that produces its apparel by keeping the notice of high quality in their mind. They have an ethical production of their activewear which includes sustainable processes. They have 500-1000 pieces of appeals per style, fabric and type. T-shirts, polos, yoga wear, tracksuits, leggings, shorts, seamless joggers, seamless pants, sports bras, fitness pants, men’s and women’s activewear, etc., are many of their well-known apparel. 

8. Sunsea Fashion

Sunsea Fashion

This activewear manufacturer is well known for its quality and mass production of fitness wear and sportswear. They produce their garments by keeping high quality as their priority. Many processes, from sample staging to customer service, do not let their customers down. They also produce athletic apparel, leggings, shorts, joggers and pants, yoga pants, tights, sports bras, jackets and many other well-known products with the greatest style and patterns. They offer an adaptive, flexible and skilful manufacturing service. 


Azilin company is well known for its profile position as an activewear manufacturer throughout the global markets. They produce high qualities of sportswear and fitness wear. They ship their products and apparel all over the world. They mainly focus on manufacturing activewear, which has high quality and relatively low cost. Many of their premium products include sports bras, shorts, jackets, fitness leggings, joggers, tracksuits, pants, tights, etc. They export their products to Japan, UAE, China, Turkey, Singapore, Oman, India, etc. 


Activewear clothes and apparels offer people a great way to focus on their exercise while being in style. They do not have to give up their comfort while doing various kinds of exercise and going to the gym in sweat. Activewear manufacturers fulfil all the fitness apparel needs of their customers. People can order custom-sized sportswear and athletic wear with the best fabrics and patterns. These activewear manufacturers export their products to many countries, and many brands of apparel well trust their products. Many products like sweatpants, yoga pants, joggers, sports bras, jackets, tracksuits, and other fitness wear. Many activewear industries are constantly becoming popular because there has been a significant awareness of fitness. These products’ durability and high quality are kept in mind with the greatest designs and patterns while manufacturing these. These products and fitness wear produced by the best activewear manufacturer keep the body cool and dry throughout the exercise and workout.      

People can now enjoy working out with the apparel produced by these activewear manufacturers through Fashinza.


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