Discovering the Art of Production

Uncover the intricate processes of production and learn how raw materials are transformed into finished goods.

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A One Stop Platform From Design To Delivery

We provide real-time tracking and updates through our state-of-the-art technology platform.

Product Design
Designing products, fabric research and market analysis
Production Management
Tech enabled platform to help your products to life
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An experienced partner to help you every step of the way
QC and Delivery
Track shipment easily, and get your orders delivered quickly.

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‘Very clear when it came to tracking the order’s progress’

Fashinza’s platform was very clear when it came to tracking the order’s progress. It was convenient as anytime I could check the current progress of the order. All my questions were answered professionally and in a timely manner by customer support. The shipment of samples I received was much appreciated and alleviated any worries regarding the quality of the finished goods!

Kristina Garrison,

Head of Purchasing

Fashinza Partner

One-stop Shop

Fashinza acts as a one-stop shop for all your need. From design to delivery the entire production is taken care of by Fashinza making the whole process easier and increasing your production capacity and quantity.

Production Made Hassle-free

Fashinza enables you to pick the designs to your liking. Be it any choice, we make the order process easier and deliverable in just 45-60 days. If you are a brand that wants to minimize production lead time, our ready-stock catalogs are the best fit for you.

Production Made Transparent

We have a number of production sites; our main production takes place in Bangladesh and India, where there are no sweatshops, and also around the globe. By taking you through the whole process, the entire production at Fashinza is as transparent as it can get. Fashinza’s technology allows you to monitor the entire production from the comfort of your office.

The Process of Production at Fashinza

At Fashinza, Our team of designers works with you to generate your first pattern, spec sheet, and pre-production sample. Pattern, cut-and-sew samples, fits, grading, marking, pattern corrections, fabric sourcing, manufacturing, cost of fabric and trim, freight, duty, and customs if made abroad are all included in the whole production package.

Frequently asked question

Q. What is the difference between production and manufacturing?

A. Manufacturing is the process of making finished goods from raw materials, whereas production involves the entire process from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products.

Q. What is the importance of production planning?

A. Production planning is essential to ensure that the manufacturing process runs smoothly and efficiently. It helps to optimize the use of resources, reduce waste, and meet production targets within the given timeline.

Q. What are the different stages of production?

A. The different stages of production include sourcing raw materials, product design and development, production planning, assembly, testing and quality control, packaging, and shipping.

Q. What is Lean manufacturing?

A. Lean manufacturing is a production system that focuses on reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and improving quality. It involves continuous improvement through the elimination of non-value-added activities.

Q. What are some common production methods?

A. Some common production methods include mass production, batch production, just-in-time production, and lean production.

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