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‘Very clear when it came to tracking the order’s progress’

Fashinza’s platform was very clear when it came to tracking the order’s progress. It was convenient as anytime I could check the current progress of the order. All my questions were answered professionally and in a timely manner by customer support. The shipment of samples I received was much appreciated and alleviated any worries regarding the quality of the finished goods!

Kristina Garrison,

Head of Purchasing

Fashinza Partner

Finance Made Fun and Fair

At Fashinza, Payments can be made via credit/debit cards or online bank transfers (Master Cards or Visa Cards). The client's account information is kept entirely confidential and is never shared or used in any other way. We provide complete transparency to you. We make sure your personal details and information are never revealed or misused, making finance fun and fair for you.

Financing the right way

Fashinza makes sure you feel at home very much during the entire process and make financing so much fun by doing it the right way. Offering discounts and making the payment hassle-free has made the clients feel more relaxed and comfortable through the entire process.

Finance that is Fun

Manufacturing finance offers a way for manufacturers to relieve all the financial pressures by providing advance payment to cover these costs. From a long-term perspective, this aids in providing financial flexibility and greater potential for growth

Finance made easier with Fashinza

Sit back and relax as you join hands with one of the best apparel manufacturers that will take your work to next level. Fashinza will walk you through all the stages effortlessly and make your work much easier. Now you can make payments with much ease and never worry about a thing!

Frequently asked question

Q. What is manufacturing finance?

A. Manufacturing finance is the process of managing financial operations in the manufacturing industry. It involves managing costs, investments, cash flow, and other financial aspects of the manufacturing process.

Q. What are some key financial indicators in manufacturing?

A. Some key financial indicators in manufacturing include cost of goods sold (COGS), gross margin, operating expenses, net income, and return on investment (ROI). These metrics provide insight into the financial health of the manufacturing process and help identify areas for improvement.

Q. How can manufacturing companies improve cash flow?

A. Manufacturing companies can improve cash flow by implementing strategies such as reducing inventory levels, negotiating better payment terms with suppliers and customers, and improving collections processes. It's also important to closely monitor cash flow and make adjustments as needed.

Q. How can manufacturing companies reduce costs?

A. Manufacturing companies can reduce costs by identifying and eliminating waste, optimizing processes to increase efficiency, and negotiating better pricing with suppliers. It's also important to regularly review expenses and look for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Q. What financing options are available for manufacturing companies?

A. Manufacturing companies have several financing options available, including traditional bank loans, lines of credit, equipment financing, and factoring. It's important to carefully consider the pros and cons of each option and choose the one that best fits the company's financial needs and goals.