Best Clothes and Fabric Wholesalers In USA, China, India

Best Clothes and Fabric Wholesalers In USA, China, India

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Clothing is one of the essential needs of humans apart from food and shelter. This need is expanding at an alarming rate. 

With the rise of social media, people are increasingly getting conscious of their looks and investing in clothing. This increase in demand is only helping expand the apparel industry. Manufacturing clothes has become a very lucrative business option. This, in turn, has given rise to an increased demand for fabric, one of the most important raw materials required to manufacture apparel. 

Due to globalization, businesses now can source the best raw materials for production from around the world.

When it comes to the global textile industry, three superpowers dominate the field of exports. -(source) 

-China is the largest producer of textiles in the world, with annual exports of close to $266.41 bn. 

-India stands fifth on this list with an annual turnover of about $37.11 bn. 

-The USA is the 8th largest textile exporter in the world, with an annual export of $27.14 bn

If you own an apparel business or are planning to start one, you must know how to procure the best fabrics and materials for your brand. 

Here are the top three best clothes and fabric wholesalers in the USA- (source) 

top three best clothes and fabric wholesalers in the USA

1. Denver Fabrics- 

Situated in Denver, USA, Denver Fabrics is one of the country’s top clothes and fabric manufacturers and wholesalers. They specialize in all kinds of fabrics such as silk, wool, velvet, faux fur, fleece, leather and linen. They also manufacture fabrics for drapery and upholstery. Their portfolio has an extensive variety of fabrics for bridal wear, dancewear, ultra suede and imported shirtings. 

They are the largest producers of skating costumes, car seats, boat covers, vinyl fabric, faux and real leather too. 

Headquarters- St Louis Missouri

Annual revenue (est)- $11.4 million

2. Fabric.com

This is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, which was previously known as Phoenix Textiles group inc. They specialize in home decor and craft fabrics. Their business is based on the four cornerstones- customer experience, price, selection and convenience. You can find a wide selection of fabrics such as denim, faux fur, silk, and velvet. If you are looking to offer your customers the latest print in linens and home decor with a variety of themes and patterns, you should connect with fabric.com. Their website also has tons of options for art and fabric craft supplies and sewing kits. 

Headquarters- Kennesaw, Georgia

Annual revenue- $6 million

3. Mood Fabrics- 

Another important name to reckon with when it comes to the best clothes and fabric wholesalers in the USA is Mood fabrics. Situated in the country’s fashion capital, New York, Mood Fabrics became popular after associating themselves with the famous television series "Project Runway." They are also named "Fashion's 50 most powerful" by the New York Daily News. It was founded by Jack Sauma.

While they specialize in luxury apparel and designer fabrics, mood fabrics also have set a name for themselves when it comes to regular apparel. Their flagship store in New York has a wide variety of silk, linen, cotton, faux fur, and suede fabrics. With a wide range of colours and prints to choose from, it is a dream come true for every DIY enthusiast. They also provide custom fabric printing.

Headquarters- New York City, NY

Annual revenue- $3 million

Here are the top three best clothes and fabric wholesalers in China-

top three best clothes and fabric wholesalers in China

1. Jiangsu Hengli Group

It is one of the largest textile and clothing manufacturing companies in China. It mainly manufactures three types of fabrics- Yarn-dyed, stretch fabric and indigo denim. It also is one of the top polyester yarn producers in the world. Their factory situated in Changzhou, China is known to be the most advanced factory in terms of its machinery. It was awarded an AAA rating during the East international appraisals.  Over 96% of its production is exported to Asia, the UK and the USA.

Their fully automated factory reduces manufacturing costs. This gives them a competitive advantage over the others and makes them a market leader for a low cost yet high-quality apparel manufacturing and supply.

Headquarters- Changzhou, China

Annual revenue- $ 80 billion ( source

2. Lu Thai Textile Co Ltd-

Another top manufacturing clothes and fabric wholesaler in China, Lu Thai Textile Co Ltd, is an importer, distributor and online dealer of a variety of fabrics such as blended yarn, combed cotton, chemical fibre, silk, non-iron fabric and stretched pants. They also manufacture digitally printed fabric.

The company owns many famous brands such as Arrow and Bessshirts and exports its products to over 39 countries. 

Headquarters- Sichuan Dist, ZIBO

Annual revenue- $ 180 million ( source

3. Weiqiao Textile Co Ltd

Weiqiao textile co is a manufacturing, exporter and wholesale fabrics deals in China which specialists in plain fabric, grey fabric, jacquard series, khaki drills, twill fabrics and denim. They are a number 1 company when it comes to the export of yarn fabric. 

They also manufacture and export and distribute middle to high-end apparel products and cotton textiles.

Headquarters- Shandong, China

Annual revenue- $ 1.94 billion (source)

Here are the top three best clothes and fabric wholesalers in India-

top three best clothes and fabric wholesalers in India

1. Mandana Industries Ltd-

One of India’s largest textile manufacturers and wholesalers, Mandana Industries specialises in fabrics such as yarn-dyed cotton, wool and silk. They also provide customized design printing and garment manufacturing. 

They export to over 25 countries.

Headquarters- Bangalore, India

Annual revenue- $39 million ( source

2. Nahar Spinning Mill- 

Nahar spinning mills manufacture a wide range of market-ready textile products; their portfolio includes producing and exporting cotton hosiery and woollen clothes. If you are looking for the best clothes and fabric wholesaler in India, Nahar spinning mills provide you with a range of products that suit your business requirements. 

60% of their production is exported to countries such as North America, Europe and Asia.

Headquarters- Ludhiana, India

Annual revenue- NA

3. Bombay Rayon Fashions-

It is known to be the largest manufacturer of shirts in India. They manufacture a large variety of textile products like cotton spun and hosiery. Bombay rayon fashion limited had multiple manufacturing units set up across India. They use state of the art facilities to manufacture high-quality products that are imported to other countries as well. 

Headquarters- Mumbai, India

Annual revenue- NA

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