The Benefits of Choosing Organic Cotton Fabric Suppliers 

The Benefits of Choosing Organic Cotton Fabric Suppliers 

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Summary: Sustainable fashion is the new buzzword in the fashion industry. Even as the fashion industry continues to rely on fossil fuels and traditional manufacturing processes, sustainability measures by several countries such as the US and the UK have left the brands with no choice but to include organic cotton fabric suppliers in their supply line.

Among all the natural fibers, cotton is the world’s favorite. It is versatile, can be sourced economically, and is easier to blend with other natural and artificial synthetic fibers. But with several countries, including the US and the UK, cracking down on industries for sustainable manufacturing practices, the fashion industry is now switching to organic cotton fabric. While there are several benefits of organic cotton, the biggest one is its impact on the health of the planet and its inhabitants including humans. This benefit of sourcing from organic cotton fabric suppliers alone makes it a great investment for a fashion brand. 

Is organic cotton the same as natural cotton?

Before we guide you through the benefits of making an organic cotton fabric supplier your partner, let us first understand how organic cotton is different from natural cotton. Isn’t cotton natural? Yes, it is a naturally grown fabric. Buying organic cotton differs in the processes adopted to grow and harvest the crop.

Natural cotton relies heavily on genetically modified seeds that are expensive and not reusable. Cotton is a water-intensive crop and results in water wastage. And the worst part of cotton which is also hazardous to the health of humans and other ecosystems is the extensive use of pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton does away with all of these traditional practices and paves the way for ethically sourced fiber and sustainable fashion.

Why sourcing from organic cotton fabric suppliers makes sense 

Organic Cotton Fabric

For the most part, everyone loves natural cotton. It is a breathable and versatile fabric that is in demand by both manufacturers and customers. Clothing is ultimately about comfort and durability. Organic cotton goes one step ahead and contributes toward an earth-friendly and climate-neutral manufacturing process. Here is why a fashion label must partner with an organic cotton fabric supplier.

  • Drives sustainable fashion: Organic and ethically sourced fibers are the mainstay of sustainable fashion. Organic cotton, wool, and silk are at the forefront of this new line of apparel manufacturing. If you are planning to foray into sustainable fashion processes, opting for an organic cotton fabric supplier is a great business move as it also supports the UN sustainable development goals 2030.  
  • Huge market and steep growth curve: According to Fortune Business Insights, the organic cotton market is set to jump a whopping 10 times (From $637 million to $6,731 million by 2028). A fashion brand would not miss out on this opportunity and start sourcing from an organic cotton fabric supplier. 
  • Cheaper compared to natural cotton: While natural cotton comes with the same set of benefits as organic cotton, it is more expensive to produce. This is because the former relies on water-intensive farming. It also is dependent on expensive GM seeds and chemical fertilizers, which result in cost surges.  
  • Mitigates health effects of pesticides and synthetic fibers: Chemically formulated pesticides and fertilizers affect the health of farmers. Similarly, manufacturing synthetic fibers, such as nylon and rayon, risks the health of workers dealing with fossil fuel byproducts. Switch to an organic cotton fabric supplier for safer and fair trade practices. 
  • Saves water and marine ecosystems: Cotton is billed as one of the “thirstiest crops” in the world with 1 kg of produce requiring 10,000 liters of water. Switching to organic cotton can bring down water consumption by up to 90%. Organic cotton, unlike synthetic fibers, does not release plastic microfibers that clog marine ecosystems and destroy marine lives.  
  • Supports farm-dependent communities: One of the impacts of opting for organic cotton is that the revenue stream includes the local farm communities. This helps in making them financially inclusive while supporting responsible consumption and production as outlined by the UN.  
  • Helps in brand positioning: When it comes to identifying and associating with a brand, conscious consumers are now increasingly switching to sustainable fashion brands. Slow fashion brands such as Patagonia are now world-famous names, thanks to their policy of sourcing ethical fibers from organic cotton fabric suppliers.  

Organic cotton is here to stay 

Organic Cotton

Fast fashion clothing and footwear brands such as H&M, Zara, Levi's, Puma, and Adidas are making quick transitions to sustainable fashion by incorporating organic cotton and recycled materials in their product range. While this is just the tip of the iceberg and a lot more needs to be done, at least it is a start. In the race to become a sustainable fashion brand, organic cotton fabric suppliers are in a win-win situation. Not only are they going to be a profitable venture in future but are also going to leave behind a climate-neutral footprint. 

Fashinza can help you connect with organic cotton fabric suppliers. Its trusted network of wholesalers and global vendors and an unparalleled range of fabrics and garments on a one-stop platform is time- and cost-efficient for businesses.

Connect with us for more insights into sustainable fashion. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Sustainable fashion is no longer a choice after the UN sustainability goals for 2030. Organically grown cotton fabric is a good place to start your journey into green fashion. 
  • Sourcing from organic cotton fabric suppliers can give you a competitive edge in commodity diversification. 
  • Cotton fabrics grown in an organic way help you position your brand better in a fickle fashion world where trends keep coming and going. 

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